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Nonton TV online iNews TV tv Gratis, tanpa buffering live Streaming iNews TV, bisa disaksikan via gadget apa aja melalui browser, program iNews TV. If my name is protected viola I am senior product manager for posting products at Lisa V with reseller Club of 30-plus years and I'm here to share my knowledge and my experience with the products that we have a tree silica cloud as such employees unlimited availability that means you never run out of any resources and the source includes CPU RAM storage database Network anything that you require the same setup that you use for setting up your website can handle all the traffic that you expect if you add five hundred or thousand more users every day can your platforms sustain that kind of growth all this is possible only by a crowd the user doesn't need to keep on moving data onto of so with higher resources time and again the same so can handle everything that you require this is the basic concept of cloud computing
You put it at one location everything else all the sources keep on expanding as you acquire them it's on demand Club hosting as an idea is more of a hybrid solution so when we look at what people who are trying to buy when it comes to cloud products we are inside of you pain points that people had setting up cloud is not that simple as it sounds so the major problems that users encounter was knowledge and setting of the service infrastructure cost maintenance auto scaling errors when they are trying to scale the services cost of maintaining this product training users to be able to work on this product for training users how to use the product as well because there is one part that is implied that is back-end. Nonton Siaran Langsung Live Streaming iNews TV Online HD No Buffering Jadwal Berita Malam Hari Ini Siaran Acara Proliga Futsal IBL Bola Indonesia.

There is a front end where people need to use so what we do is we try to solve this problem for the mass market there are users who will obviously meet the traditional cloud that is what's available in the market but he wanted to solve this problem for majority of the users who do not require the enormous scale in that cloud of course so what we essentially did is we created a platform which is more like a managed cloud solution which has all the goodies of the cloud

We give it a more known face to everybody that is the cpanel interface which everybody who is using shell routing is aware of and comfortable so they don't based on that cleaning cost the service the sources are manage the servers of patched regularly also this is with all caching everything is managed by us the customer just needs to log into their cpanel account and manage their products as they are managing their hosting products. iNews TV Live Streaming MNC Media TV Channel, menyajikan informasi seputar Indonesia dan dunia tentang news, olahraga, dan lifestyle.

The beauty of this is that a getting hosted on a cloud platform so it becomes a seamless technology you feel this is shed or thing but the whole thing is getting posted on a cloud platform for any website to run the two most important in first an idea for your website and the second is your hosting most of the people don't realize but hosting forms the most important part of your presence being online people run behind cheaper services cheaper hosting but that in turn cost you your customers your visitors to give you some simple statistics every second delay in loading your website causes around 20% users to drop off and if you look at the industry with the speeds of internet increasing and access getting better people expect websites to load under four seconds on desktops

The new seconds on mobile so if you are going to compromise on your hosting it is going to cost you a lot more than you think flower boosting because as you are increasing your your websites are increasing in resources your websites are scaling the big problem that you every face every time is what do I do next if your website starts giving you errors that it is not able to serve clients because it's running out of resources now you have to keep on expanding resources each and every time so there is no limit to how much resources you can offer to the website you can keep on adding. Nonton onlinr live streaming inews tv indonesia hari ini siaran langsung lancar tanpa buffering gratis kualitas HD.

CPU but you need to keep on moving your content every time so the solution to this is having law contains a consistent everything around your content each one changing and that is only possible by a constant you so traditional posting has as a diagram would show in this the left side shows a normal shape working box where you have buns over which has harddrive CPU Ram everything in that boss there are multiple sources like maps or emails or cpanel all these services are on that so on your web content is stored on the same soil or mysqldb snortin same store and everything is stored and sold for let's say 500 customers from this central server itself the problem over your is if anything fails anything is wrong the entire set of all customers on that service get affected plus the amount of scalability you get is limited to the physical boundary of the so

You can't scale beyond let's say if you have 4 slots of memory you can only ugly 2x amount of GB of memory you can't go beyond that by this if you look at the right side of the diagram that shows a typical cloud set up where you have compute nodes which have your CPU RAM and you have storage rocks which contain X amount of machines which has only hard drives so how this is different is all your storage on the operating system stay in the computer note that compute mode can keep on expanding we use something called a safe storage so let's say your block can be terabytes n number of terabytes on offering and you can keep on increasing that again your CPU and RAM keep on staring so each block has its own CPU own memory. Nonton online iNews TV Indonesia cepat tanpa buffer, tayangan berita inews dan olahraga bola LA LIGA BBVA Spanyol, Formula 1 INewsTV Live Streaming.

That can power your website which can expand on all the storage that is available so for example if on a dedicated bomb the maximum possible Ram is 128 GB and the maximum storage possible they say 40 be the same thing if you look at in cloud hosting you can actually combine the computing power of all the like for dedicated boxes or for compute nodes and the memory of for compute nodes and the storage can be in 20 times

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