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Nonton Online Tv Streaming RTV Stream serta jadwal tayang dan acara tv menarik lainnya hanya di situs streaming terlengkap di Indonesia. Every web hosting review video i've come across is subjective I'm sick of people reviewing website hosting companies with barely any data to back up their claims there are hundreds of website hosts and equally as many opinions on which one is best I plan on giving you what everyone else is neglecting cold hard facts using an algorithmic approach as well as software testing tools we're going to get to the bottom of what really is the best web hosting for wordpress it's nearly impossible to test every web host available so i've decided to limit this experiment to seven of the most popular website hosting companies used for wordpress these hosting companies are Bluehost godaddy Hostgator in-motion siteground dreamhost and a2 hosting I set out to rank each hosting company by 8 different characteristics that matter the most to the average website owner will rank these hosting companies by website speed customer support server uptime percentage pricing plans knowledge-based features freebies and deals / coupons available
I believe most people looking for hosting providers will only need a shared plan if they are the average blogger or site owner will place all these variables in a master chart to make reading the data as easy as possible well dig into the method for measuring each one of our hosting metrics but I won't be directly showing all of the raw data if you'd like to see the raw data from these results the link is in the description below lastly before we jump in the testing I like to go on record that there's definitely flaws in my testing methods. Nonto Acara TV Online RTV Live Streaming Kualitas HD Cepat Tanpa Buffering Gratis Lengkap Dengan Jadwal Program TV Terbaru.

If you think there is some way I could have improved these please let me know in the comments as I'm open to suggestions also make sure to show me some love by clicking the thumbs up if you end up gaining value from this video approach attention spans online are much shorter than you can imagine site abandonment is the biggest issue concerning a slow loading website as you can see a website loses a significant portion of traffic the slower it loads beyond sight abandonment reasons a slow loading web site can also negatively affect your rankings and search engines limiting the amount of traffic to your site all together there are several reasons why website could be slow but hosting is one of the biggest culprits this is why your web hosting server response times are an essential metric to understand my server speed scores take an account both of these metrics the hosts with the fastest speed and handles the most amount of users at once is given three points and color coded gold second place is silver and receives two points third place receives one point

Is colored bronze while the rest get no points for this test I created a simple wordpress website using the default 2017 wordpress theme the website has a total of five pages internal and external links images and various sized headings the only plug-in active on the site is the default wordpress plugin asked MIT I then use a super-sweet tool called load impact to measure five different samples of site performance on various days and times I ran tests in the mornings at 7:30 a.m. In the afternoons at 1:00 p.m. And at night at 6:30 p.m. Load impact allows you to progressively send virtual users which are just BOTS to your website to test performance with different volumes of site traffic for these tests I have load impacts sent up to 50 virtual users to my site in a span of five minutes. Nonton Live Streaming RTV TV Online Indonesia RTV Full HD tanpa buffering tercepat gratis bisa dibuka di PC, Ipad lewat Android

This means by around the 4-minute mark I had a total of 50 active users perusing my pesto main load impact displays a ton of metrics but I'm mostly concerned with the general blow times user limits on defining the user limit by the point at which the load speeds of the site become irregular in greater than four seconds so what is the fastest web hosting available technically godaddy but this company could have matched the user limits of dreamhost which consistently produced loading speeds of around 0.49 three two seconds and easily could handle 50 users without seeing any significant difference in load speeds second place is site crown with an average minimum load speed of 0.6 4 8 8 seconds and an average user limit of 40 6.8 virtual users third place is godaddy with an average site load speed of point 3 4 6 4 seconds which was amazingly fast but the defining factor in this ranking

Is the fact that these times were largely disrupted after 32 users navigating through all the features and capabilities of your web host is not always straightforward and often times requires technical support it's essential to choose a hosting provider that has an a-grade customer support team especially when you're new are non-technical for this test I created three different variations of support tickets and submitted these on 6 different days twice in the mornings noon time and afternoons I recorded both the date and time that I submitted the ticket as well as the date and time of their response understandably this is only measuring the speed to answer a question and doesn't take in an account the quality of their support to at least touch on quality i've given each hosting company a subjective rating based on how fast and easy my questions were answered after first contact the three companies with the highest quality responses get an additional point added to their scores despite how well they performed on speed the clear winner when the average support reply of 0.1 3 hours in receiving 3 points is psych round this host also receives an additional point due to their support team giving high quality patient. TV Online RTV Live Streaming Tanpa Buffering Nonton Jadwal Acara News Sport Sepak Bola IBL Indonesia Malam Hari Ini Siaran Film Drama Korea Kartun.

Thought replies in second place with an average support reply time of 0.7 nine hours in receiving two points is Go Daddy third place with a one point six eight hours for an average time to reply and receiving one point is in motion whom also receives an additional point for quality a to hosting support times weren't fast enough to break into the top three but worth great qualities so they've received the final 1 point bonus uptown refers to the percentage of time that your hosting service is working properly in serving up your website to users for obvious reasons this is super important when trying to determine the best web host in order to test server uptime for each host I used ping domes trial account server uptime tool the trial account lasted 14 days so my data is limited to that time span I'm interested in seeing what the total percentage of uptime is as well as the average time the servers are down the results for this test weren't as differentiated as I hope for as most of the companies had flawless uptime percentages for companies with perfect uptime percentage over the span of 14 days where Hostgator siteground Bluehost and dreamhost the data shows that a 2 also has a hundred percent uptime but this is rounded since they also have an average downtime of two minutes for this reason a to rank second for this test in motion ranks third with 99.99% uptime and an average downtime of three minutes lastly godaddy ranks last with 99.99% of time in an average downtime of four minutes once again

This was over a short span of time so these results don't have quite the weight as I had originally hoped for ideally a test like this would be averaged over the course of several months or even a year you're hosting plays an important part in the overall success of your website so I don't recommend making a decision solely on the basis of pricing however web hosting is fairly expensive and nobody wants to pay more than they have to i've gathered each company's pricing plans to understand who is providing the most value for the best price let's briefly go over the difference between the terms shared VPS and dedicated servers you can think of a shared hosting plan as an apartment complex people leasing out apartments have some of their own space or share lots of common living area with many of their neighbors for this reason you may have to put up with loud neighbors and have no control over what they are doing in their own spaces related the service this means you're sharing bandwidth with multiple other tenants which can create slower server response times a virtual private server VPS is more like a duplex where you have your own space and entrance but you still don't have full control over your neighbors space you have much more freedom than on a shared plan but your server performance is still affected by your neighbors lastly there's a dedicated server which is much like having your own home you can build the home the way you want where you want. Nonton TV online RTV Gratis, tanpa buffering live Streaming RTV, bisa disaksikan via gadget apa aja melalui browser, RTV.

Have full control over who's coming in and out of your building I suggest sticking with a shared hosting plan early on an upgrade later as your website scales to higher user levels as mentioned earlier this data is only for the second tier pricing packages for shared hosting plans if you're looking for cheap web hosting then a2 hosting would be it at four dollars and ninety cents per month USD when you buy 24 months of hosting in second place is godaddy which you can buy for $4.99 per month at its lowest price but only when you buy 36 months of hosting third place is siteground which costs 595 per month for 36 months of hosting site ground is consistently 595 no matter how much you buy it once so it is cheaper than Hostgator and Bluehost with the 12 month package

This is why it wins third place despite costing the same for the 36 month package deal also I gave point five bonus points to the hosts that offer a full range of pricing from 36 month deals all the way down to monthly subscriptions as this gives flexibility for users who don't want to spend a large upfront payment it's important to note that most of these discounted prices raise back up to the normal price once you renew your plan however you can ask these hoes for a loyal customer discount on your renewal subscription to get the price lowered I'd also like to add that hosting prices are consistently changing so these prices may not be up-to-date. Nonton Siaran Langsung Live Streaming RTV Rajawali Online HD Indonesia Jadwal Acara Bola Film Kartun IBL Drama Korea Di TV HP Android Hari Ini.

These scores are independent of one another an average to get a final result lastly the hosts were scored on their total number of articles and Help section of their website sum up the entire test I average the three scores mentioned above to get one final score for knowledge base and community first place with 2.7 points is Hostgator second place with 1.7 points is godaddy and third place with one point is dreamhost generally there's tons of features and tools that a hosting service will provide for its users to aid in the creation and management of websites databases and applications i've listed 20 major features that most web site owners care about in their hosting provider plans I won't go through all the results for these for the sake of time but I will say that the top 3 hosting providers pretty much offered all the same features the web hosts that offered the most features was siteground which squeaked in the wind with a free caching plugin called super kasher which you can use to speed up your website as well as a free CDN which can be used to speed up your website

Increase security second place is a tie between a two hosting and godaddy since they nearly offer the same features a two has a money-back any time policy which is crazy awesome well godaddy's control panel is more intuitive in my opinion third place is stream host which beats out the other hosts due to providing a free SSL and having a long 97 day money-back guarantee [Music] who doesn't want free things many web hosting companies give away free domains SSL advertising credits plugins and plenty of other features to set that brand apart from other companies

If you play your cards right you can find a website host that gives you hundreds of dollars in free value just for signing up with them that is why I compiled a list of various freebies each host provides as well as the estimated value you'd be getting for free when signing up with them each host was ranked by the total estimated value of the freebies offer Bluehost ranks number one for the value of the freebies comes out to $400 second place is psych ground which provides around $350 worth of mostly free discounts for plugins themes and software third place is stream hosts that gives out three hundred and nine dollars in value to their users make sure to check out the link to the raw data for all these tests after this video by looking in the description section below it's worth it to see if there are any coupon codes floating around on the net for you to take advantage of there are a lot of sites

That claim they have discounts or coupon codes for certain hosts but I find most of these are not actually discounted prices the only real coupons and discounts I found were for hostgator and sigh crown hostgator has a coupon making your first month with them practically free one penny deal while siteground has a student deal that brings their monthly cost down to $1.99 a month if you are a student at any level this deal is absolutely insane and it would take full advantage of it if I were a student still I placed information for the hostgator coupon and site gator discount in the description below I also will place a 1.15 multiplier on the load speed in customer support categories as these are some of the more important features the majority of people starting a website are looking for it also place of 0.5 multiplier on the deal slash coupon section as this should play a smaller part in a decision of what else to choose

Now here's the part you've all been waiting for I thought about putting these results at the beginning of the video but figured I'd tease you for as long as possible so what are the top three best web hosting companies out of the seven we have tested the top web hosting company that significantly out ranked the competition by about seven points is none other than Sai crown hosting let's take a look at some of the highlights of site ground hosting site ground delivers exceptional website loading speeds and user limits their customer support is blazingly fast and of high quality their uptime was perfect they're an affordable option for people not looking to spend a fortune they load their customers up with tons of features like unlimited domains SSD storage free domain free SSL free caching plug-in 1-click installs of all the major content management systems and frameworks a free CDN language support and an e-commerce solution called prestashop siteground gives their users around $350 in free discounts for themes plugins and other tools. Nonton TV online RTV Indonesia cepat tanpa buffer, acara berita gosip hiburan olahraga dan bola di Rajawali televisi atau rtv live streaming sangat seru.

On top of all that if you're a student you can get hosting for $1.99 a month which is absolutely mind-boggling the second place hosting company and actually quite surprising to me is Go Daddy Go Daddy has blazing fast server speeds up to a certain amount of users on a site at one time they offer speedy customer support super cheap pricing an extensive knowledge place and community in a plethora of features lastly in third place we have dreamhost which has a super fast and stable server with a decent amount of freebies features and knowledgebase I want to state one more time that these tests are most definitely imperfect there are major hosting companies that may not have taken into account some of my metrics may not capture what people fully care about and my ranking systems may not be the way you would have chosen to do it but with all this being said it's cool

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