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Watch RTM TV2 Malaysia Live Streaming TV2, formerly known as RTM2 or Second Channel, is a television channel that officially began broadcasting on November 17, 1969. RTM2's broadcast at that time included entertainment programs and films in Malay, English, Mandarin, and Tamil.
Simultaneously with RTM1, in 2011 it was relaunched under the new name TV2 with the slogan Stay Superior replacing the old slogans Channel Emas and Dunia Ria. Coinciding with RTM's 73rd Anniversary celebration, on April 1, 2019, TV2 started broadcasting HDTV. Broadcast is available exclusively on MyFreeview DTT on channel 102.
To attract more loyal viewers, TV2 broadcasts several new shows such as Playtime On 2, E-Shoppers, and Whassup. There are also special performances for Chinese, namely Dim Sum Hour, Chopstick On 2, and Gallery Phoenix. For drama fans, TV2 presents the Tamil drama Kaaval Season 4 as well as the Malay drama Manuscripts of Love, Reconciliation, and Heaven Without Sin. Meanwhile, children's programs are also broadcast such as Chiki Boom, Kid Zooners, ABC Hoorey, and Nadim.

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