Astro Boo TV Malaysia Online

For fans of horror films, Astro presents Boo, which airs on channel 404 in HD format since October 31, 2016. With the slogan Asia's Horror Destination, Astro Boo presents horror and horrific shows from Indonesia and abroad. Among the films included in Astro Boo include horror-comedies, action-horror, psycho-thrillers, and new horror films showing every Friday.

There’s no horror quite like Asian horror, where the creepiest, slimiest, oiliest and scariest crawl out of your imagination to come to horrific life on screen. If fear and terror rock your world, then BOO is your heavenly hell. Non-stop shivers in scarily clear HD.

Horror films that were shown on Astro Boo at the beginning of its appearance included Thai films, Grace and Ghost Sense; a film from Taiwan called The Tag-Along; and paranormal films from Indonesia, Mysterious. Apart from that, Astro Boo also features classic Thai and Japanese horror films such as Nangnak, Shutter, Battle Royale, and JU ON: White Ghost & Black Ghost. Popular local horror films such as Kami Hysteria, Hantu Tok Mudim, and Don't Look Back Can You?, were also screened. For now, programs and films that are still showing include the Midnight Show, Creepshow, Still Missing, Graves, and Guardians.

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