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Astro Ceria is a Malay language television channel included in Astro's services. All programming on this channel is directed at children, including cartoons in Malay, Chinese, English and Indonesian.

Apart from interesting programs for children, Astro Ceria also organizes various activities to increase its popularity as a children's television channel, such as Run for Fun. Since 31 August 2006 Astro Ceria was first introduced via Channel 64 for SD broadcasts which later changed to Channel 24 until 30 September 2007.

Malaysia's No.1 Kids Channel - A 24 hours channel of quality animation, humor, game shows and live action programming for Malaysian children, all in Bahasa Malaysia. Children's Channel No. 1 In Malaysia - A 24-hour channel that offers quality animation, comedy, game and action programs, especially for children's entertainment in Malaysia.

Next, Astro Ceria switches to Channel 611 for SD and 631 for HD until March 31, 2020. Since April 1, 2020, Astro Ceria continues to broadcast with the same number but changes, Channel 611 for HD and 631 for SD. The SD version has been discontinued since April 12, 2021 along with several other Astro channels. Now Astro Ceria only broadcasts on Astro and NJOI channel 611 in HD format.

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