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Okey TV LIVE is a free television channel launched by RTM especially for the people of East Malaysia and urban youth. The channel, which was launched on 21 March 2018, broadcasts programs in English, Malaysian and local languages such as Iban (Sarawak) as well as Kadazan, Bajau and Dusun (Sabah).

The name of this channel stands for opportunity, knowledge, experience and yours, which means your opportunities, knowledge, experience and yours. Prior to the creation of Okey TV, RTM launched three test channels as part of its digital terrestrial television broadcasting experiment, namely RTMi, RTM MuzikActive, and Tvi.

Okey TV started broadcasting HDTV on April 1 2019 and can be enjoyed exclusively through myFreeview DTT on channel 110 and Astro channel 109. Programs that air on Okey TV include I-Iban, I-Dusun, Tiang Seri, Laa Sak, Diari Tular, City Gardens, and 13 Days of Miri-Sibuti.

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