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Astro Warna Live TV Streaming Astro Warna is the first comedy channel in Malaysia that started airing on 1 June 2009. This 24-hour channel presents comedy shows, light dramas, sitcoms, and entertainment suitable for all ages.

From 1 April 2020, Astro Warna is broadcast on channel 107 from the previous channel which is 124 which was replaced by NTV7 and can be enjoyed from Astro and NJOI in HD format. The SD version of the channel was discontinued on April 12, 2021.

Sitcom-type soap operas that air on Astro Warna include Impak Minima, Jongkang Jongkit, Tiga Serumah, Sepahtu: Angan Tak Sudah, Kampung Jaguh, and Sepahtu Reunion. Astro Warna also broadcasts popular entertainment and reality TV such as Muzikal Lawak Superstar, Maharaja Lawak, Maharaja Lawak Mega, and Raja Lawak.

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