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Nonton tv online secara live streaming di internet kini bukan menjadi hal yang baru, malah menjadi aktivitas sehari hari di kalah saat jauh dari televisi di rumah. You what's going on guys this is rod from one host forge calm and it's a today we're going to be reviewing name cheeps domain registering services and web hosting services now with namecheap I am a very big fan of their domain services mainly because of the pricing and the Whois guard or basically that your domain privacy protection so with namecheap
If you go look at their TLD registration prices there are some of the lowest in the industry and that's what I love about them so if you look at their comm pricing it's ten twenty nine dotnet pricing is 1248 dot business twelve eighty eight and org is 1208 of course that fluctuates throughout the year but normally they have very very low and competitive pricing involved with registering your domain now with the industry stat and they vary between I would say twelve to fifteen dollars with other companies but with namecheap and they're very very competitive and cheap with their actual domains which has their name name sheet. Nonton Siaran Langsung Live Streaming Trans TV HD Online Saluran Tayangan Acara Jadwal Final Piala Dunia 2018 Russia Malam Hari Ini Tanpa Buffering.

Now with web hosting they're also competitive in that regard as well but in terms of the service you're getting it's not necessarily the best in terms of the issue there are far better options out there I'm going to go over those options later but uh yeah let's go over the hosting of Namecheap really quick so if you look at their shared hosting services which is pretty much what the vast majority people you know need for for the actual websites so if you look at their pricing they have the value plan at 9.80 eight cents per year but here's the kicker you have a $38 renewal fee

Then they have a professional plan for 1988 but they have a renewal fee of 7888 The Ultimates 29 rajul fee is 129 and their business plan is 1988 per month so that sounds like a huge deal but if you really do the math and count that out 988 plus 30 888 like 40 bucks divide that 12 it's four dollars and six cents per month if you compare that with other services like Hostgator they're actually down to 395 per month so the way they priced up there they're bundled up their packages it sounds like it's very cheap but it's not there's other options out there that are cheaper and have better service so you have to look at that at face value and do the math so don't just look that you're paying ninety-eight you also have a higher renewal fee per year with those one posting or this web hosting program for name sheet now with that in mind with this plan you go to three web sites. Nonton TV online TRANS TV Gratis, tanpa buffering live Streaming TRANS TV, bisa disaksikan via gadget apa aja melalui browser, program TRANSTV.

The limited bandwidth you also get 20 gigs of accelerated disk space if you don't know what that means basically the type of services that are using you get 20 gigs of accelerate disk space with its higher servers basically so if you compare that with a Hostgator so it goes through 95 per month you can have a single website you do get to integrate wordpress and other content management systems with 1-click installs and you get unmetered bandwidth so with that in mind hostgator beats Namecheap by a few cents at the beginner plan but with namecheap you do get three website that you can install so there's give or take with that but if you look at the baby plan and business plan that's where they have name sheet beat because with that you get a limited installs domains 1-click installs a 595 per month

If you look at the other plans out there the professional plan is 1988 per year and 78 80 per year for their annual fee so all to get us roughly 100 bucks so now you're competing with 595 per month versus nine roughly nine dollars a month so that's where it gets you if you just do the math really quick it does sound like it's really cheap with namecheap but with Hostgator it's far more cheaper and you're going to get a better service with hosting compared to Namecheap and of course most cater the the domain name registering is a lot higher with namecheap I believe with Hostgator it's up to 1295 and up for com whereas with namecheap it was 1029 so in my opinion guys if you want to be a smart consumer choose both companies in terms of getting your domains through Namecheap and then using Hostgator web hosting services. Sebuah stasiun televisi yang mampu menyuguhkan berbagai tayangan tv yang lebih menarik dengan layanan terbaik seperti live streaming trans tv ini,tv online, nonton bola, bola online, streaming online, trans tv online, tv, streaming trans tv, trans tv, tv online trans tv, tv online trans 7, streaming trans tv

That's actually what I do with my websites so for example I bought the domain what those warriors through name sheep but I do use blue or a blue hose hose Gators web hosting services and I get a far better deal so every year I get who is guard and I get the privacy protection for my domain names and then I use Hostgator for hosting or for that matter I also use Bluehost as well but in that regard you know I'm using the best of both companies I'm going to show you really quickly performance aspects of both companies so if we go over their page speed test results hostgator ranks but number one compared to these other big companies like godaddy Bluehost dreamhost and in motion hosting and if you look at name sheet they pretty much third-to-last the average three point three five seconds for page speed but hostgator was a two point nine seconds

The industry standard is normally between six to eight seconds so sure name cheap is well above average but in terms of comparing it with other alternatives that are better pricing the name sheep right it doesn't really compete very well but it's still up there so feel like in that the it's 2.9 seconds for the average page speed load time their best is two point three eight their worst is fifteen Namecheap with worse with 72 seconds fastest was two point five and average is three point three five now if we look at their uptime results those get in places at second name cheap places at about six so that's not really a big deal they have a 99.9% uptime Hostgator just has named cheap a little bit beat by but point zero three percent so it's not really a big problem and other than that those are some factors that you should look at so in my honest opinion for me that's what I do personally I use Bluehost or Hostgator for hosting. Trans TV adalah sebuah stasiun televisi swasta nasional di Indonesia yang dimiliki oleh Trans Media. Dengan moto Milik Kita Bersama.

I use name cheeps awesome domain name registering services so with that mine guys that's really it hopefully you got a lot out of this and a little bit more information about Namecheap and other alternatives that you could use for hosting so well so that's it that's pretty much the summary of the review I'd highly recommend getting your domain names through Namecheap and getting your hosting services through Hostgator or Bluehost those are really good hosting companies to choose from and if you want to look at other reviews you can check out our website at or check out the reviews throughout our website so again this is rod from web host for easy calm appreciate you for watching this video and i'll see you on the next one. jadwal nonton trans tv live streaming online acara film bioskop hd schedule tanpa buffering siaran langsung channel saluran video kemarin alamat official Nonton Live Streaming Trans TV Online Indonesia Piala Dunia Full HD tanpa buffering tercepat gratis dibuka di PC, Ipad, Android

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