BeritaSatu Media Holdings, In the digital age, where the dissemination of news occurs at an unprecedented pace, the importance of accuracy often takes a backseat to speed. News and hoaxes become entangled, leaving readers at a disadvantage. Recognizing the significance of mass media as purveyors of truth, emerges not only as a swift provider of news but also as a bastion of accuracy. Through the implementation of ethical journalism practices, ensures that each piece of information undergoes thorough verification, clarification, and cross-examination before publication. Their commitment to professionalism stems from a profound awareness of the readers' right to accurate information.


Ethical Journalism Practices distinguishes itself by adhering to ethical journalism practices, which prioritize integrity and accuracy. The editorial process includes rigorous fact-checking, multiple rounds of verification, and adherence to established journalistic standards. By prioritizing accuracy over sensationalism, sets a precedent for responsible journalism in the digital era. This dedication to truth-seeking not only enhances the credibility of their reporting but also safeguards the interests of their readers.

Promoting Positive Journalism

In addition to upholding journalistic integrity, champions the concept of positive journalism. Amidst the deluge of negative news, they strive to highlight the positive aspects of every event, thereby mitigating reader pessimism. Even in moments of grief and disappointment, finds silver linings, offering guidance for navigating the future optimistically. This approach, known as Positive Journalism, transcends traditional reporting by considering the broader impact of storytelling on society.

BeritaSatu Media Holdings: A Profile

BeritaSatu Media Holdings, formerly known as Globe Media Group, operates as a subsidiary of the Lippo Group. Established on September 3, 2011, BeritaSatu Media Holdings has swiftly emerged as a leading news organization, delivering comprehensive coverage, analysis, and insights on Indonesian affairs. With a diverse portfolio of brands encompassing print, digital, and broadcast media, BeritaSatu Media Holdings caters to a wide audience while upholding the highest standards of journalistic professionalism.

Brand Portfolio

BeritaSatu Media Holdings boasts a diverse array of brands, each catering to distinct audience demographics and interests:

  1. The flagship online news portal, delivering up-to-the-minute updates on politics, law, economics, and social issues.
  2. BeritaSatu TV: A leading television network offering comprehensive news coverage and in-depth analysis.
  3. Jakarta Globe: A renowned English-language newspaper providing insights into Indonesian affairs for an international audience.
  4. Suara Pembaruan: A trusted source of news and analysis, catering to the Indonesian-speaking audience.
  5. Investor Daily: A specialized publication focusing on financial news and market analysis.
  6. Student Globe: Engaging the youth demographic through tailored news content and features.
  7. Globe Asia: A prestigious magazine offering insights into business, finance, and investment opportunities in Asia.
  8. Majalah Investor: A publication catering to investors, offering expert advice and market insights.
  9. The Peak: A lifestyle magazine catering to affluent readers, covering topics ranging from travel to luxury living.
  10. Kemang Buzz: A community-focused publication highlighting events and developments in the Kemang area.
  11. Campus Life: Catering to university students, providing informative and entertaining content relevant to campus life.

Leadership and Vision

Under the stewardship of Peter F. Gontha, BeritaSatu Media Holdings has flourished, guided by a vision of journalistic excellence and public service. Theo L. Sambuaga's leadership as president has further solidified the organization's commitment to ethical reporting and community engagement. Together, they steer BeritaSatu Media Holdings towards its mission of fostering national optimism and societal well-being through accurate, ethical, and impactful journalism.

In conclusion, BeritaSatu Media Holdings stands as a paragon of journalistic integrity and optimism in the Indonesian media landscape. Through a steadfast commitment to accuracy, ethical reporting, and positive journalism, they have earned the trust and respect of their audience. As they continue to evolve and innovate, BeritaSatu Media Holdings remains dedicated to serving the public interest and upholding the principles of responsible journalism.

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