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Nonton Online Tv Streaming Metro TV Stream serta jadwal tayang dan acara tv menarik lainnya hanya di situs streaming terlengkap di Indonesia. Hey guys what's up alright in this article I'm going to quickly discuss one of the reasons why I is to actually host my own server when it comes to trying to figure out where to actually host your application once ready to produce it now one of the things i'll mention is Microsoft Azure seems like a good product it just recently dropped their prices and their entire scheme looks a little bit different so it seems to be pretty cheap
It's a lot cheaper than it was however one of the things that really pisses me off about any sort of cloud-based programming or cloud-based setup is that you always have these like billable hours and you never know what the hell that you know actually means and if you do research on it you will most likely end up more confused than when you started this whole cloud pricing thing it just seems like a racket to me and i've never i've never been a big fan of it especially as a small business just trying to get things off the ground as your Amazon's ec2 or Google App Engine I mean they're probably great products for large companies that have entire IT staff that they have to pay for I'm sure at that point. Metro TV merupakan layanan live streaming Metro TV sajian acara Saksikan tayangan Metro TV Nikmati layanan Nonton TV Online Metro TV

This is just my opinion then it would become an attractive option for me like if I had to scale overnight or something like that but the bottom line is that most projects never get that big and to be honest with you if I ever do get that big that'll be a problem that I would want to have and I could probably transition my stuff over pretty quickly to some sort of cloud solution if I ever deemed it necessary or maybe I just run my own server farm like you know Facebook or Google or any other major company is currently doing so I mean I'm not saying cloud is complete crap or anything but when you compare it to something like Linode which is my favorite hosting company you pay 20 bucks a month you don't have any sort of confusing billing schedule or anything like that it is $20 a month

Your guarantee these resources which definitely blows away as or even with their newest reduced pricing this also gives you the flexibility of having the actual root access to your server so literally you have to set up your own server which can be good and bad but once you learn how to do it I mean they're step-by-step tutorials on all of it then I mean you're definitely you have much more flexible going forward with different software. Nonton Metro TV Online Live Streaming Lengkap Dengan Jadwal Acara TV Dan Beriat News Terbaru, Najwa Kawal, Kick Andy, Jokowi dan Sudut Pandang,

Services that you may want to run off of your server if you look at the three terabyte or terabytes of transfer or the 48 gigabyte of SSD storage your equivalent and as your even but with the reduced prices I mean it's going to be quite a bit more you know we're talking hundreds of dollars more a month and I gotta say i've had Alan know $20 accounted at one point I had peek website website traffic of well over 100,000 visitors a month

I think I came within like 15% of my available resources or something like that it was it was a very minor amount like I wasn't anywhere close to actually exceeding that $20 a month account I mean it was a blog based site so there wasn't a whole lot of CPU you know being taken up or anything like that but it was still quite a bit of users that were downloading the page and viewing it simultaneously and I held up just fine another alternative to Linode is a newer kid on the block which is digitalocean. Nonton Siaran Langsung Live Streaming Metro TV Breaking News Online HD Jadwal Acara Mata Najwa Berita Indonesia Malam Hari Ini Di HP Android.

This is another good company that i've heard a lot about but the Linode actually goes back a little bit longer and to be honest with you Linode has always had stand-up service and it seems like digitalocean is you know somebody that has come along with a lot of venture capital money to grow and expand quickly Butlin odes been that guy that's been on the block for a long time has been offering service that is um next to none for a very long time so I would definitely recommend the node over digitalocean but you can't you can't go wrong with digitalocean either both of them have a $10 month account if that's better for you now another thing about lonoa both digitalocean is that they do not support net so if you're going to build an website unless you're using mono which is a whole nother story then you're not going to be able to host any sort of dotnet platform website on a Linode account or a digitalocean account so in that case if you are building a dotnet site you're probably going to end up being forced to use Azure or the cheaper alternative which is a Rackspace however they are expensive - i've looked at on I think the cheapest I could get them was like $75 a month

It didn't even compare to the $20 month one no resources so as much as i've you know wanted to do a dotnet site I just can't bite the bullet and pay all that cash to be able to host my site with Azure or Rackspace at least for your typical blog site that's aimed at getting a lot of traffic I would go bankrupt by the time I started making any money so I don't have that kind of money to just spread around and make Microsoft richer so for that reason I choose to set up my own virtual private server which is what my note is here and I couldn't recommend them more and they're perfect for Django or PHP or anything other than net all right guys thanks for watching and that's how I choose where I want to host my websites thank you bye. Nonton Metro TV Online cepat dan tanpa buffer berita Indonesia hari ini Metro tv live streaming Mata Najwa Kawal Jokowi Sudut Pandang Kick Andy dan bola.

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