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Nonton Online Tv Streaming Indosiar TV Stream serta jadwal tayang dan acara tv menarik lainnya. PT. Indosiar Visual Mandiri Memang Untuk Anda. Hey guys this review I'm going to be reviewing the price the performance and I'm also going to show you how to set up wordpress with psych round now i've actually purchased a shared hosting account with psych round so in this review I'm going to be revealing my results of what I found out about psych round and I'm also going to show you how they ranked against seven other competitors coming up
So first myth the recognized siteground as one of the official recommended hosting by now they're not just recommended for their speed but they're also recommended for their customer service these guys will actually help you with any problems you have with your website it's 24 hours a day that's pretty cool to know that you can just call them

They'll always be there to answer your questions and help you with your website's now in addition to this i've actually recorded their performance on their hosting plans for around 30 days now in this plan you guys need to look for consistency so are they consistently performing well so here my results and you guys can see right here their web server to respond time is very low so every single day right here through performing really well. Nonton tv online indosiar streaming live kualitas HD gratis no buffering, bintang pantura, d'academy, fokus sore.

That's good because you know a lot of days other servers might have spikes but actually putting scicrop to the test they actually performed amazingly in fact I have another video where I compare psych round against seven other web hosting companies now in short I purchase your hosting account from seven different competitors and Sai chrome came up as number one as the most fastest

The most reliable after testing their performance for around 30 days now let's go to take a look at their plans and prices so there is a link in the description it'll take you to this page now right here I'm going to click on choose plan so like most companies they have three different plans they have the startup to grow big and the go geek I recommend the grow big because with the grow big plan you can host unlimited websites rather than just a single one now in addition to this guys you also get free SSL's now the reason why you need an SSL is because Google just released an update singing if you don't have an SSL they will actually push you down in rankings so psych round actually knows this they will actually offer you a free SSL. Nonton TV online INDOSIAR Gratis, tanpa buffering live Streaming INDOSIAR, bisa disaksikan via gadget apa aja di HP Kamu, saksikan program INDOSIAR.

They also give you free daily backups I mean 30 copies that's just nothing short of a great that's a lot of backups you don't have to have 30 but they're just showing you that they will actually you know backup your website so if anything happens or someone hacks your website not to worry because they can always back it up so right here we go to order all right so go and put it in the domains I'm gonna put you know that's the domain we put it in right now all right so I'm gonna proceed hopefully no one's taking that domain so no one's taking it so right here you put in all your information your payment information your client information but I want talk about the period

Also the extra services now I recommend doing 12 months because of 12 months you avoid the fee and also remember if there's a 30-day money-back guarantee Stephen leicht the service for any reason if it does not work out for you not to worry about it you can always get your money back now for the extra services they have something really cool the siteground site scanner now other web hosting companies I haven't seen this but cycle and actually watch your website every single day and notify you if it's been hacked or if anyone has injected any malicious code in it now I recommend getting that I habits it's better because let's be honest you know i've waken up before and my site was hacked where I had like letters saying you've been hacked it's happened to me guys so security is definitely the most important part of your website. Nonton Siaran Langsung Live Streaming Indosiar HD Jadwal TV Online Bola Liga 1 Indonesia Persib Di Android Malam Hari Ini Gratis Tanpa Buffering.

They also have domain privacy which is actually you know most people get this so it basically hides your personal information if someone tries to search you up so I have both of those on my sycron plan alright so once you guys get this you guys go to pay now and i'll show you how to install wordpress so this is my current cpanel right here so after you basically get your domain and everything else if you brought to your cpanel so it'll look like this right here I'm gonna go ahead and login alright sorry here we go to my accounts now guys I really do have you know hosting with site grout so right here I have you know my my cloud account

Also my grow big account you know one thing I hate about other affiliates is that when they talk about products they don't really own it they're like yeah go ahead and buy that web hosting it's like they don't use it you know I i've seen that a lot but I personally use this service so I can vouch that it's very good and very fast so once you guys go over here to your accounts right here you guys can click on your host E and go to manage account alright and then right here you just go to go to cpanel now you might have nothing here these are all my domains so right here i'm i go to pro Cee'd now i'm going to show you all how to install wordpress guys it's very easy to install wordpress and have a website running up with sycron so right here Auto installers just click on wordpress pretty simple so this is like the I think I don't know how to pronounce this Safa keyless I don't know soft look yeah whatever so you need this right here so once you're here you have this little Install Now go to install now now you can look for your domain so you're gonna go ahead

Find your domain right here so whatever domain that you used that you signed up with you're going to actually find it here so I'm gonna go ahead I'm I think I'm gonna select see is it right I think this is it right here alright now for the directory guys do not put anything there because remember if you put something there it's gonna install your domain at you know your website com - that so you don't want that so make sure nothing is there your site name you can always change this later but you know normal sake i'll put patty-whack so paddywhack the best dog blog

Then right here you put your username and then your password your admin email change that to your personal email so whatever email you use and you have access to put it right there select the language so go ahead and put your language right here and I think I actually got another video where I had this like debates if Chinese was like I said why is it Mandarin it should be Mandarin right but I guess Chinese is the correct term not Mandarin so thanks for those viewers for cleanup so right here I'm gonna do English and scroll down here now all I need to do now is go to install alright so I'm gonna click on install alright so wordpress is installing on to our domain this takes about I'd say about a minutes they say it takes 3 or 4 minutes but it's actually much faster than that so guys don't refresh this page so you guys refresh the page it might mess up or something might happen alright so wordpress is successfully installed so you guys can actually view your website by clicking on this little link right here. program jadwal acara tayang nonton sekarang hari ini kemarin tv online indosiar live streaming website mivo usee tercepat lancar tanpa buffering hd

Voila congratulations you have your new domain with siteground and now you have wordpress installed now also right here they have a really cool plugin for siteground right here you have to purge sycron cache now the reason why this actually works better than other plugins because it corresponds to their servers basically they design the plug-in that actually works really well and it's compatible with their own servers so right here you can actually destroy all your cache really quick to speed up your website all the time so let's go and take a look at my websites now this is using like a basic theme but you know let's go ahead and just let's go

Browse around you know I'm just gonna go and go to add new it's gonna popular now I have no idea about any of these themes I haven't used money of these but um this isn't going to take a gamble here which one you let's go to do a new one you know let's go do they like the latest this look at that little guys you know these guys are actually you know there's always room for potential you know so I'm always looking for like good themes you know can I do a lot of wordpress tutorials so I'm always looking for like nice-looking ones but um yeah I wouldn't use any of these but this is my opinion shop and commerce that looks cool see here let's just go to the popular ones let's just check out the popular ones so we'll just install history history is actually pretty popular. Nonton TV online Indosiar tanpa buffering jadi cepat, acara live Indosiar HD streaming indonesia adalah D'Academy 2 film sinetron FTV Patroli dan drama

They just made it sha-pow made it and I gotta be honest like it's actually really growing in popularity so now you can take a look at your website and then you can actually decorate it like this theme actually uses like a front end page builder which is really cool so if you go to customize you can actually design the websites from the theme customizer right here so like this right here controls like front page sections and you know it's really cool so like I said they they're really they're really good company so you know that's you know that's basically that's basically the tutorial guys so you know I really recommend sycron because again I use them personally I switch over my domain from Hostgator to psych round because they're cloud hosting which is blazing fast like it was like seconds and it was just amazingly fast so I truly recommend psych round because again I can vouch for them I use their service personally and they are definitely one of the fastest if not the fastest web hosting company now for those of you guys who want to know what cloud hosting is it's basically like a higher performance hosting so basically my websites I want it to run extremely fast I don't want like a second of delay so actually get the cloud account

There I host my current domain Darrell Wilson calm but the grow big is also ideal so if you guys are just starting out not to worry I mean I have like hundreds of thousands of visitors on my website so I have to make sure that you know my website is optimal so their cloud hosting is nothing short of amazing as well so thanks for watching this review guys I hoped it's helped and I hope you made the decision to switch over to psych round again you will not be disappointed it's amazing Hosting all right so i'll see you guys all later. Streaming TV Online Indosiar Live Android HD Malam Hari Ini Tanpa Buffering Nonton Bola Liga 1 Indonesia Siaran Langsung Acara Persib Gratis.

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