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SCTV Selalu Teristimewa. Nonton TV online SCTV Gratis, tanpa buffering live Streaming SCTV, bisa disaksikan via gadget apa aja di HP Kamu, saksikan program SCTV. Should you use cloud-based hosting versus traditional hosting and let's talk about dedicated servers while we are at it so I been developing since the 90s and the host thing that I'm used to is either traditional where you read hosts hosting space from some some provider some hosting company they put it on their physical servers and away you go you use a control panel like Plesk or cpanel to interact with your site you upload your site by SS FTP
Yeah this is traditional then we go to the next step where you get pretty popular where your sites are starting to generate a lot of traffic and you start getting in trouble with your hosting accounts that happen to me many many years ago so you have to upgrade to a dedicated server so you get your own dedicated box now you could configure your own box and stick it in some company's warehouse where they plug it into their super high-speed Internet I wouldn't advise that because then there's any problems with that box it's a big heading for you you have to go in and blah blah blah blah better solution with a dedicated service you just use the dedicated servers company's own hardware don't even have rack servers or whatever configurations they happen to have now the good thing about that is that you have total control over your server there's no other sites on there there's nobody else using apps on there. Nonton Siaran Langsung Live Streaming SCTV TV Jadwal Bola Liga Champions Indonesia Sport HD Online Free Malam Hari Ini Gratis Tanpa Buffering.

You have total control you have to worry about somebody else doing something I could take down your site or your app but there are some downsides to that as well so the downside to having a dedicated servers that you have a single point of failure meaning that if that server should fail the hard drive fails the round fails the power supply fails whatever you got problems so in that situation you have to have some good backups in place remote backups so you should be daily backing up the database databases you should have daily backups of the server itself ideally on to another server although you could use a raid array so you have one disk drive for your main server you have another disk drive it's cloning the main one continuously so if the main drive fails the new one picks up and away you go but that doesn't protect against other Hardware problems if a hard to support supply should go if some Ram goes bad etc consider that being said i've been doing dedicated serving i've been running dedicated servers rather for 10 years or so and i've had one hardly hardware failure of the hard drive in that whole time so the hardware's pretty solid these days so it's you know I'm not sure

How how scared you should be about that another thing is that what a dedicated server you're kind of capped out so cap to see AP out meaning if you start getting a huge spike in traffic you're gonna have to scramble to get a new dedicated server up and writing a cat to capture about this that growth of volume how often does that happen very rare so I wouldn't be so concerned about that with the cloud base hosting there is the advantage that it's really easy to set up be say especially with project projects at digitalocean and amazon's and google and you got all these tools now out there but make it really easy to go boom boom boom and you got your cloud-based hosting up and running there's some complexity with it though I'm not sure. Nonton TV live streaming SCTV online gratis no buffering, sinetron anak langit, liga champion, la liga, berkah cinta, inbox musik.

If it's any more complex come to think of it as using a traditional server but it's different where these days uploading files with FTP is considered old-school bad form although a lot of people still do it but when you're getting into more advanced app development everybody's been pushing things through repos like github or bitbucket and they're using SSH to move files around this is all back-end server stuff i'll get into the details here the point is is that when you're getting into cloud-based whole state you're getting to much more modern way of doing it it's more secure in fact with our new servers we don't even use passwords anymore we use keys to SSH keys to allow us to log in and navigate our servers hey that's a whole different video a whole different subject so yes there are new methods today of hosting your web app or your website's

Cloud base hosting is great for the fact that you can scale almost instantly so you can spike a traffic these days with fear with these systems if you know what you're doing you can go beaming meaning you're up and running in moments also you have a lot of opportunities in terms of cloud backups auto backups and recoveries it's just really sophisticated stuff and in fact cloud-based hosting as I believe I mentioned in a previous video has a lot of implications in terms of app development you know itself because of the fact that you can clone your app and scale it in a very simple way and I call it dum-dum scaling where you just clone your app and just move it over boom ba-ba-boom it allows for you to have a much simpler architecture in terms of your own app prior to cloud-based hosting these really interesting solutions. Tempat nonton TV Online indonesia live streaming terlengkap dan tercepat tanpa buffering gratis RCTI GlobalTV SCTV beIN Sports Yalla shoot Indosiar ANTV Live Streaming SCTV Sinetron Seleb Episode Sabtu 30 Juni 2018

That to be honest with you we're just getting into this year personally it changes the way you can look at development in terms of your app the app code base itself could be actually significantly simpler when it comes to scaling and backups and security and so forth because of cloud-based hosting it's kind of a cool thing to be honest with you and it actually goes to one of the basic principles in in object-oriented programming separation of concerns valves are stretching I'm stretching how people interpret that but essentially by using cloud-based hosting you're able to extract out of your core app a lot of security issues and scaling issues which is a good thing because whenever you break your app down into finer components meaning you simplify your app so we have what aspect of your app that just handles logging another have aspect of your app just handles and a processing of orders so now with cloud-based hosting you can extract the need for scaling functionality scaling meaning if you have to expand the power of your site

So that it can handle a lot more traffic because of cloud-based hosting you can extract that component that complexity out of your core out and utilize the cloud infrastructure to simplify your core apps code base which is very cool because it simplifies a lot of things it actually can extend the longevity of an older app that may not have been engineered for scaling initially so instead of having to go in there and try and mess with an old code base which is like a disaster you can just relegate that push that into the cloud based services I don't know this is probably a little bit too high level and abstract for some of you guys but the point is is that cloud base hosting is more complex in certain regards but it's more secure in terms of raw security it's more secure in terms of being able to scale more easily it's more secure to being able to have a more robust backup and recovery built into it because of the nature of what it is now in terms of buggy old code bases that's just the way it goes just to remind you one of my friends said there's a crappy code and crap here code he used other words but you get the idea. Nonton TV SCTV Live Streaming Siaran Jadwal Acara Sepak Bola Sport Online HD Free Malam Hari Ini Tanpa Buffering Berita Indonesia Sinetron FTV.

I was listening to some people talking about how youtube which is one of the biggest companies out there run by one of the biggest companies out there they have some lingering problems within youtube now some bugs because they have some old wacky code floating around in youtube that causes problems and they're trying to work their way around this and this is youtube so if Google youtube has problems with their code because it's a ten year old code base don't be worried about your getting a little problematic over times as well that being said one of the best ways to keep it cold from becoming messy and dirty is to keep your code as simple as possible go for simple simple simple as possible because simple code is easier to maintain than complex code but there's some fancy stuff so that's about it for now when I found a tangent but that's what I that's what I do bye bye

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