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TV9 Live Malaysia stands as one of the leading television stations in Malaysia, owned by Media Prima Berhad. Launched on April 22, 2006, TV9 has become a prime destination for Malay-speaking audiences in Malaysia. In this review, we will delve into its evolution, flagship programs, strategic shifts, and its impact in meeting the needs of its audience.

TV9 live Malaysia

Development and History

Before becoming TV9, this television station was known as Channel 9 from September 9, 2003, to February 3, 2005. On March 5, 2018, TV9 revamped its strategy by focusing more on the rural Malay community. This included relocating English and Korean programs to NTV7 to accommodate modern audiences.

Flagship Programs

TV9 offers a variety of programs encompassing entertainment, modern lifestyle, religious values, and local cultural arts traditions. Reality shows such as "Idol Kecil" and "Versus" have gained popularity among viewers. Additionally, the drama slot "Skrin di 9" features popular dramas like "Aurora," "Ratu," and "Mutiara Hati." To uphold religious values, TV9 airs programs like "Ask Ustaz," "Ask Ustazah," and "Halaqah" in the Raudhah slot.

Branding Strategy and Market Segmentation

TV9 has successfully blended modern entertainment elements with traditional Malay values. Their branding strategy includes publishing magazines, local dramas, and reality TV shows focusing on modern-progressive life themes while retaining strong religious values. This has helped TV9 effectively attract their target segment.

Impact and Influence

The relocation of English and Korean programs to NTV7 indicates TV9's effort to adapt to changing trends and audience tastes. By focusing on the rural Malay community, TV9 has successfully attracted more viewers from this segment. The introduction of programs with religious values also has a positive impact on more conservative viewers.


TV9 can be accessed through various platforms including pay-TV channels and digital channels. For viewers in Sabah and Sarawak, TV9 can be watched via pay channel 119. Additionally, there is the possibility to watch TV9's live broadcast through their official website or through streaming platforms that provide Malaysian television content.

Overall, TV9 Malaysia has become a major television station in offering programs that cater to various audience segments. With a focus on the rural Malay community and religious values, TV9 continues to maintain its popularity as a prime destination for Malay-speaking audiences in Malaysia.

Final Note: This review provides an overview of TV9 Malaysia, including its history, flagship programs, branding strategy, impact, accessibility, and conclusion. However, further in-depth analysis could be conducted to understand TV9's impact on the Malaysian media landscape in more detail.

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