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Watch live streaming didikTv from Malysia region. DidikTV KPM is an Education TV through the Malaysian educational DidikTV, which was originally known as TV Education, is an educational television channel as a result of a collaboration between the Educational Technology Division, the Malaysian Ministry of Education and Media Prima Berhad. This TV channel broadcasts various entertainment or edutainment programs on elementary and secondary school subjects.

Educational TV broadcasts were launched again after a long absence, namely for 12 years. On April 6 2020, Education TV aired on Okey and on November 23 2020 it aired on NTV7, the DidikTV program slot. This program aired simultaneously with the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The DidikTV program slot will then be continued in 2021 by the Ministry of Education and Media Prima Malaysia. Furthermore, starting 17 February 2021, a special Education TV channel known as DidikTV will be launched to increase access to quality education for all students in Malaysia.

DidikTV can be watched via channel 147 on Astro, channel ntv7 on Unifi TV, and channel 107 on MyTV. For users of Integrated Digital TV (iDTV) devices that use an antenna, DidikTV channels can be obtained through automatic tuning.

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