Kabel 1 live

Watch Kabel 1 live stream, Kabel 1 is a television station broadcasting in Germany since 1992. ProSieben is a channel of the Sat1 group. Reruns of old popular TV shows and movies are often broadcast. Channel previously “What Am I?”, “Circle Class Heroes”, “Seinfeld”, “MASH”, “King of Queens”, “Damages”, “Baywatch”, “24”, “Fantasy Island”, “Life on Mars ” “,” Starship Enterprise / Star Trek “,” Wheel of Fortune “, Quiz Taxi” has gained fame through broadcasting. Now more new programs, series and documentaries are airing Kabel 1 Watch Live.


Cable 1 release.

Europa League football matches.

The best Hollywood movies of all time.

Crime documentaries “Attention Control” and “My Revier”.

Great Britain and the most successful car show “Top Gear”.

Documentaries in different categories such as “Adventure Life XXL”, “Adventure Car”, “Adventure Tuning”.

Educational programs for parents and children such as “The Strongest Parents in the World”, “No more Hotel Mama”.

US TV series such as “Medium”, “Castle”, “Charmed”, “Ghost Whisperer”.

Kabel 1’s live broadcast list includes these TV series, programs and documentaries. In addition, summaries of sports competitions are broadcast on the channel. Kabel 1 can be watched for free on aladala.tv. It doesn’t matter where you are, you might not even be in Germany if you want to. You only need an internet connection. You can watch Kabel 1 live for free on smart tv, desktop computer, laptop, iphone or android phones, ipad or android tablets and all mobile devices. You do not have to provide any personal data or register.

Watch the live stream from Kabel 1 now on aladala.tv. You can broadcast more than 40 channels in Germany for 24 hours in HD or SD quality.