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ZDFinfo is a national information channel of the ZDF group. It broadcasts documentaries and political programs created by ZDF. It acquires broadcasting rights to major world events and broadcasts them live. Replays of important sports competitions in Germany, Europe, and the world, comments, and analyzes of the games played are also made on the ZDFinfo channel.

Documentary films in nature, animals, geography, and similar categories are essential programs on the ZDFinfo channel. Interesting programs on ancient and contemporary history are also broadcast on this channel. Important political developments both for Germany and for the whole world are definitely included in the ZDFinfo broadcast stream. Comments and ratings are given at major sports competitions like EURO 2020 like the World Cup and during the day. Viewers of all ages will find something interesting for themselves on the ZDFinfo channel.

Some of the programs broadcast on ZDFinfo are as follows:

"Real or not?"

"Europe politics"

"Electric Reporter"

"The Kremlin and Germany"

"Origins of Technology"

"Prehistoric Hunters"

"Operation Eagle Claw"

"The British"

"Mysteries of Mankind"

"Secrets of History"

You can watch ZDFinfo and all other German channels live on The site is open 24/7. Smart TV, desktop and laptop computer, iPad and Android tablets, iPhone and Android cell phones, and all mobile devices with browser access can display German channels at any time of the day. You don't have to pay any fee for this website, it's totally free. In addition, you do not have to register and you will not be asked for your personal data. You can see it even if you are not in Germany. Just an internet connection is enough. You can choose between HD and SD resolutions depending on the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection. From now on you won't miss any program you want to watch.

You can watch the ZDFinfo live stream in HD anytime, anywhere.

Watch ZDFinfo live on iPhone, iPad and Android.

ZDFinfo live stream for free.

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