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The channel, which has been bringing together the best quality and beautiful Show TV live broadcast options for years, hosts many popular series. Continuing to act within the framework of a comprehensive professional broadcasting approach, Show TV brings together the most popular broadcasts on television and the internet with the audience. It is possible to have a pleasant day with Show TV, which offers entertainment, lots of laughter, and various programs in many areas.


Beautiful with Hayat Show TV

Show TV, one of the well-established channels that continue on its way with the slogan of Beautiful with Hayat Show, entered broadcast life in Turkey on March 1, 1992. In 1992, the first news broadcasts were started by Mehmet Ali Birand. Güneri Cıvaoğlu was the first general manager of the channel, which started its professional broadcasting career. Show TV, which managed to make a splash with the content of the series it broadcasts after the news broadcast, has gained a large audience.

Today, Show TV, which continues its broadcasts within the body of Ciner Broadcasting Holding and under the general directorate of Esra Baydar, is one of the most important national television channels. Show TV has managed to become one of the most popular channels thanks to its cinema, music, and documentary content, especially in the 90s.

Although various changes have been made in its logo and slogans since the day it started broadcasting, it has not compromised on its quality and professional publishing principle. Continuing to broadcast on Türksat 3A, D-Smart, and Digiturk with Show Türk and Show Plus channels, the channel appeal to all segments.

Colorful Broadcasts on Show TV

Show TV, which has been hosting quality and beautiful content from the very beginning, left its mark on broadcasting life in 2000 with the program “Bir Bizetzler”. The program, which made a lot of noise and broke rating records, was appreciated by many people. He succeeded in gaining the attention of the audience by bringing popular TV series such as Deli Yürek, Şehnaz Tango, and Ayşecik to the screens.

Today, Alev Alev offers quality content to the audience with productions such as Ramo, Çukur, Failure, and Kuzey Yıldızı Aşk. It ensures that both adults and children have a good day with programs such as Güldür Güldür and Child’s Al Haberi. Offering a wide range of drama series to entertaining broadcasts, Show TV is among Turkey’s favorite channels.

It is possible to reach many broadcasts that appeal to tastes, with the option to watch Show TV live HD on the channel, which continues to develop and update without slowing down. It always keeps its viewers alive with the broadcast tracking options it offers both on television and on mobile devices. Accessing the most popular series and programs at any time of the day is very easy with Show TV.

Top Quality Show TV Live Streaming

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Follow Your Favorite Show TV Broadcasts Online

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