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Minika Children's live broadcasts, whose target audience is children between the ages of 3 and 8, reach every corner of the country without interruption. Television, digital games, and magazine services are maintained by Turkuvaz Media Group.

The broadcasts with the motto "In the Name of the Power of Entertainment" are carefully prepared for children to learn while having fun at all hours of the day.

With the support, we receive from technology, live TV services, which we maintain 24/7 uninterruptedly, can be accessed from anywhere, regardless of location, via smart devices.

Thematic Channel for Children: Minika Child

Minika Child, which started its service in 2011 within the Turkuvaz Media Group, is the first of the thematic channels in our country. The channel, which attracted the attention of parents in a short time with its rich, educational, and high-quality archive, also gained the rightful attention and admiration of children.

Minika Children's live broadcast stream, which spreads the broadcasts of age groups to certain time zones, contributed positively to the quality of the time spent at home by children. Thanks to the online TV-watching services we offer, you can also allow your child to watch the program they want with an uninterrupted and non-freezing broadcast stream.

Minika Child, known and admired as a magazine as well as television broadcasting, contributes to the mental development of children in the preschool period. Programs, which are the greatest entertainment for children, are shaped in accordance with the demands and preferences of the audience. Addressing different age groups within the same channel;

While Minika Child was appreciated with special content for the 3-8 age group,

Minika Go brings children aged 7-14 together with their favorite programs, characters and stories.

Minika Children's channel, which started broadcasting in 2011, started to operate as two different channels with a brand new audience in 2012, by evaluating the general demands.

Special Broadcast Stream for Age Groups

The quality, entertaining and educational Minika Çocuk watch option made a difference among other children's channels in a short time and was appreciated. Among the popular productions of the channel, which attracts the attention of children in the 3-8 age group with special and new content;

Neşeli Dünyam

Topsy ve Tim

Maceracı Yüzgeçler

Bay Becerikli


Çilek Kız

Damla’nın Dolabı

Bob Usta

Thomas ve Arkadaşları

My Little Pony sayılabilir.

With the uninterrupted services we offer, you can access the Minika Children's programs prepared with audience preferences, parental discretion, and pedagogue suggestions, without paying any registration fee or monthly fee.

Monika Çocuk channel, which has a rich program range that appeals not only to children's visual intelligence but also to their auditory and cognitive skills, increases the quality of time that flies like water. While parents continue their daily lives, children have fun and learn with carefully prepared programs.

Television Programs That Instruct and Make You Think While Entertaining

Minika Çocuk live watch service with special programs and cartoons for children aged 3-8 can be accessed from all over the world. By simply connecting to the internet, you can watch television on mobile phones, tablets, or computers, and you can easily access the broadcasts that your child follows with interest, without any place restrictions.

Children enjoying weekdays with fun content

They can also spend pleasant hours with their parents on weekends.

Our broadcasts, which offer the opportunity to watch the most popular programs without waiting in front of the television, allow family members to respect each other's preferences. With excellent resolution and freeze-free clarity, you can watch the productions you expect without sacrificing image quality.

Programs that involve children in the story they watch through interactive broadcasts are parent-friendly. Those who want to devote time to supportive activities on the development of their children can enrich the children's discovery process while watching, with a daily plan they will make. Minika YouTube, the service that allows children to play games on the Internet with characters they know from the screens, supports the consolidation of the process with videos, and contributes to the transformation of what is learned with Minika Children's Magazine, also arouses great repercussions on social media.

Don't Miss Minika Children's Broadcasts on Mobile Devices!

You can allow your child to watch the movies or series that they love to watch from wherever they are, thanks to the Minika Child watch online option. No matter where you are at home, school, on the road, or shopping, you can follow daily broadcasts simultaneously via PC or smart devices. Our services, which provide an uninterrupted TV experience, eliminate the limitations of time and space.

The quality TV viewing service you will receive without paying any membership or participation fee can be considered as a reward for your children. You can adjust the daily broadcast flow according to sleep, education and meal times, and you can support your child's development from anywhere.

As the Adventurous Fins take you and your child to new excitements

You can accompany the Bookworm Teddy Bears in their fun adventures.

You can access Minika Çocuk broadcasts, which are full of colorful characters that will attract children's attention, educational content, educational games, cheerful music, and content that will witness the process of discovering their children's lives for parents.

Watch Enjoyable, Educational, and Entertaining Programs Online and in HD Quality

Our visitors can follow the broadcast stream with the option of Watch Minika Child live HD on our Live TV platform. You can enjoy the live TV experience with any device that provides internet access from anywhere with an internet connection. One-click connections can be made from all over the world, and your child can join the new adventures of their favorite characters.

As a parent, if you always want to do what your child wants and witness his development, you can accompany him on this adventure where he discovers life. As the parents of the new generation, you can take short and colorful breaks from the busy life rush with the support you will receive from the life-saving technologies of the modern age. You can reach the Minika Çocuk instant broadcast stream, which is appreciated with publications that inspire children, with the privilege of connecting to the moment from Turkey and all over the world.

Bring the Enjoyment of Watching Minika Çocuk to the Digital Environment

Our platform, which puts an end to the discussion of watching different programs in the family, makes it easy to follow high-rated TV series, movies, or news programs. You can open the program you want to watch online for your child, and you can enjoy watching television while doing housework.

Our services, which aim to increase comfort while making daily life easier, have rich alternatives with national, news, sports, music, children's, documentary, local, religious, foreign, TRT EBA, and TRNC channel options. You can follow the national and world agenda closely by watching content with high viewing pleasure.

Tiny Kid on Live Broadcast

Minika Children's broadcasts, which can be watched 24/7 with the opportunity to watch television online, support preschool education. Programs that are fun and educational for children are also noteworthy for parents. You do not need to make any ownership transactions to reach the broadcast stream that continues uninterrupted throughout the day, regardless of place and time.

Our platform, which has a user-friendly interface, offers a channel option to the visitors on the home page. You can click on the desired channel and switch to the live broadcast in seconds. Internet and a smart device that can connect to the internet are sufficient to benefit from our services, which offer the opportunity to watch live broadcasts even in environments where there is no television.

Live Broadcast Support with High Image Quality

Our services, which provide live broadcast support with high image quality regardless of where you are, have a practical use and unlimited options. If you want to get free live broadcast support and access the programs that your child is eagerly waiting for, you can start by visiting our website. You can enjoy every day of the week with a rich selection of channels specially offered for babies, children, teenagers, and adults.

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