Bloomberg HT TV live

Bloomberg HT Live Stream Bloomberg HT, which started broadcasting in our country on January 27, 2010, and is affiliated with Ciner Media Group, is one of the TV channels that take the pulse of the economy. Being Turkey’s only money market channel and having a special audience, the channel enables you to acquire the contents of the investment world and learn important information while investing.


While the channel covers finance topics of different scales, the informative content of the channel, which is appreciated with its current broadcasts, includes information not only from Turkey but also from European countries.

What’s on the Bloomberg HD Channel? You can choose to watch Bloomberg HD live

broadcasting in the economy branch in Turkey, not only on television channels but also on our website. By entering our, you can instantly connect to the broadcast by clicking the Bloomberg ht tv watch button. Although the channel broadcasts mainly on the economy and money markets, it also features interesting and popular broadcasts in the categories of life, women, automotive, documentary, agriculture, music, and sports. You can choose to watch Bloomberg ht live broadcast from our platform at any time

Programs Broadcasted on Bloomberg Ht Channel

In 2015, “Bloomberg HT is the television that gives the audience a profit.” Among the most popular programs of Bloomberg HT, which is famous for its slogan; There are Morning Sports, First Word, Investment Bulletin, Investment Club, Market Desk, and Sector Report programs.

At the same time, Real Economy, Focus, Family Economy, Senior Level, Agricultural Analysis, Business Level, Sports Watch, Doğa Rutkay with Everything at This Table, Global Markets, Bloomberg HT Magazine, Akustikhane, Ayhan Sicimoğlu with Colors, Lords, and Ladles, Please +1, Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca, StyleIst, Spice Trip. Bloomberg Ht television can be watched from satellite options such as Digiturk, Türksat 4A, D-Smart, Tivibu, Kablo TV, and Analog Cable TV. You can visit our website to watch the Bloomberg HT channel live, without interruption, without freezing, and for free.

Bloomberg HT All Programs

On weekdays during the daytime; Real Estate Vision, First Word, Morning Report, Investment Bulletin, Market Desk, Investment Club, Focus, Risk Management, 30 Minutes, World of Entrepreneurship, Family Economy, Agricultural Analysis, Senior, Advertisement, Business Concept, Wealth Management, Target Export, Financial Technology, Smart Agriculture, Market Line, Smart Money, Financial Center, Towards Closing, Remains of the Day, Experience Speaks

Weekday evening belt; Main News, The Truth with Aslı Şafak, Economic Outlook, Global Markets, Top Gear, Fake or Fortune, Expedition with Steve Backshall, Great Alaskan And Canadian Railroad Journeys, Hairy Bikers

Weekend; Farm in Season, Bloomberg HT Life, HT Club, Ugly House to Levely House, Travel Man, Sarah Graham Food Safari, Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen, David Rubenstein Show, Please+1, Bloomberg HT Magazine