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Children's Cartoon Channel TRT Çocuk entered our lives with the test broadcast that started in 2008 with TRT's thematic broadcasting policies. In the past, only general television broadcasting was hosted on television platforms. Since the channels created in categories are more popular today, the viewing rates of the channels in the category of children's channels are quite good.

Although TRT Çocuk is a channel created for children in Turkey, it is frequently followed by individuals before and after school. One of the reasons why children and young individuals follow the channel is that they have very wide broadcast content. As a program variety on the TRT Çocuk watch channel; There are categories such as Cartoons, Cartoon Series, Anime, Cartoon Movies, Competition Programs, Knowledge Contests, Handicraft Programs, Pre-School and After Programs.

Educational and Educational Programs with TRT Çocuk

The most important features that distinguish TRT Çocukren's channel from other channels are educational and instructional programs that play an important role in the development of children. For example, in the Magic Math program, children both watch illusion shows and become partners in the fun-filled world of mathematics. Fun moments spent with mathematics, children learn about subjects related to mathematics. They also have fun with various magic tricks in the program. Various cartoons for children and many programs where our culture and art are the subjects can be accessed on TRT Çocukren's screens.

Due to their age, children are in the period when they have the fastest perceptions in education and training. For this reason, parents should recommend children not news, national, or sports channels, but channels in the children's category. TRT Çocuk, which is under the control of the state as a cartoon category, takes our cultural life and values ​​into consideration.

TRT Kids Broadcast Stream

The characters in the stories that are part of our culture on TRT Çocukren's screens take their place as a cartoon series. For example, the stories we think of having fun with Nasreddin Hodja take their place on this channel with the Nasreddin Hodja time travel cartoon, from his own time to the present time, with his quick wit and adventures. TRT Çocuk, known for its programs, makes mathematics fun with its live TV series, Pırıl. The Mathematics departments taught by Pırıl and his friends with fun introduce the most colorful world of mathematics to children. Cracked Eggs, which we know from newspapers and various magazines. It takes its place with the exciting and laughter-filled adventures of the Limon and Zeytin characters. Many programs that make mathematics popular are on this channel. Strange Jobs Team, which solves strange and unusual events by using mathematics and intelligence, takes its place on the screens with its exciting and adventurous episodes. With the TRT Çocukren's Cinema program, you can buy popcorn or kernels with your family and watch your favorite cartoons without the program that attracts attention from TRT Çocukren's screens. With Kerim, Selim, and Ayşe, Elif's biggest dream comes true. Our cute character Elif desires to go to school and wants to make new friends. With her new friends, we have fun with Kindergarten adventures. Anka, another fun-filled program for children who love space and science, brings you exciting and adventurous episodes of the Anatolian Eagles.

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