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Kabel 1 Doku live stream, Kabel 1 Doku is a private television station in Germany. It has been airing since 2016. In particular, documentaries and review programs are broadcast.

In Kabel 1 Doku documentaries are published in many categories. History documentaries, cars and motors, nature documentaries, animal-related documentaries, science, and technology programs are available on Kabel Eins Doku and air daily. There will certainly be content that interests you...

"Combat Dealers" is a program that tells the story of ancient wars and shows their remnants. The Inexplicable Phenomena - Ancient Extraterrestrials program, in which researchers and astronauts seek out extraterrestrials, is a science and technology program. There is also a program presenting reporter stories entitled "Myths and Legends". Articles on crime, perpetrators, victims, and punishments are published under the heading "Perpetrators and Victims".

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