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NDR is the abbreviation for North German Broadcasting. It broadcasts television programs specially prepared for the region where the audience lives. There are not only TV shows but also radio shows. Thus, a comprehensive broadcast stream is presented. Interesting programs are broadcast for all age groups. One day you should definitely watch NDR to find something for yourself.

"The country outing", "THE!" And "Großstadtrevier" is the most-watched program broadcast on NDR.

"Nordmagazin", "Hamburg Journal", "Schleswig-Holstein Magazine", "Hallo Niedersachsen" are various news programs published on NDR.

"Tim Mälzer is cooking!", "Landpartie - Going North" and "Lust auf Norden" are also programs popular with the public.

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You can watch NDR channels and more than 40 German channels anywhere you have an internet connection. You can watch NDR with desktop and laptop computers, Smart TV, iPhone and Android phones, iPad and Android tablets, and any other mobile device. In addition, it is free. You don't have to pay any money, register, or share your personal information. Add to your bookmarks now. Don't miss your favorite show on any channel.

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