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RBB TELEVISION LIVE STREAM RBB Fernsehen is a German TV station . Our website offers its visitors to watch RBB TV Live Stream on the Internet for free. No matter if you are in Germany, Switzerland, Austria or somewhere else, you can watch RBB television live stream at any time. Now you can watch RBB Fernsehen live stream on your PC, tablet or mobile phone for free and without registration with one click. In addition to RBB television, you can watch many German TV channels or Austrian TV channels on this website at the same time without registration and free of charge.


rbb Fernsehen is the regional television program of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg Un (rbb) Berlin and Brandenburg.

With the launch of RBB on May 1, 2003, ORB television was originally renamed RBB Brandenburg and SFB1 was renamed RBB Berlin. However, two different programs continued to air until February 28, 2004. On November 10, 2003, the joint programs rbb at 6 and zibb started in Berlin and Brandenburg. On February 29, 2004, both broadcasters merged to form rbb Fernsehen.

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