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ServusTV is a television station based in Wals-Siezenheim in the Austrian state of Salzburg. Its name derives from a greeting common in many parts of Central and Eastern Europe.

The station started in 1995 as Salzburger Fernsehen and was initially only available via cable in Salzburg. The television channel attracted media attention when it began terrestrial broadcasts on October 25, 2000, which was illegal in Austria at the time. The transmission equipment at the Untersberg transmitter (owned by Germany but physically in Austria) was confiscated by the Austrian authorities after five days. In protest, the owner of Salzburg television went on a hunger strike for two weeks. In response, terrestrial transmission by private television stations was legalized in Austria, and transmission from the old transmission location resumed on UHF channel 36 in 2002.

Servus TV program

ServusTV broadcasts ice hockey on Sunday evenings.

Austrian Hockey League in Austria and the German Ice Hockey League in Germany.

It also broadcasts the FIM MotoGP World Championship.

UEFA Champions League.

Formula 1 in 2022.

World Rally Championship.

Red Bull Air Race and Red Bull X Fighters.

Servus TV live stream broadcasts ATP Cup Live 2022.

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