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With the NTV live broadcast option, you can watch the programs prepared by NTV with its pioneering and innovative broadcasting approach, regardless of where you are in Turkey. Regardless of the day, time or place, you can watch every program on NTV, from news programs to culture and art broadcasts, live in accordance with the broadcast stream. You can increase your general culture level with the broadcasts of NTV, which has content for both your children and adults, that appeal to the general audience. You can start watching NTV, which has a broadcasting approach that makes it easy to follow the agenda, from our site in a convenient and practical way. By watching the broadcasts in high quality, you will not miss any moment of the programs you follow. You do not have to worry about missing the broadcast with long waiting times.

NTV, Pioneer of the Thematic Channel Period in Turkey

NTV, which is the first news channel in Turkey; After the test broadcast on 1 November 1996, it started broadcasting on 8 November 1996. Founded by Cavit Çağlar, the channel was under the control of Nergis Holding between 1996 and 1999. However, it was acquired by Doğuş Publishing Group in 1999 and is still under the control of Doğuş Publishing Group. Today, the full name of the channel, which belongs to Ferit Şahenk, is Nergis Television. NTV, which started the thematic channel era, has an important place in television broadcasting as it has also changed the Turkish media industry.

In NTV, where both national and international news is given, many experienced and professional presenters make programs and manage to lock the audience on the screen at all hours of the day. It has programs not only on news but also on the economy, culture, art, life, and sports. As a socially responsible channel, it broadcasts information about health, education, and the environment. There are concrete examples of social responsibility projects such as the Green Screen project.

NTV, which meets its audience with satellite and cable broadcasts; can be watched on Türksat, Digiturk, D-Smart, Kablo TV, Turkcell TV+, Tivibu, and Vodafone TV platforms. The first thing that comes to mind of those who want to follow the agenda when it comes to news is the channel, which periodically renews its broadcast stream. The channel, which broadcasts in high definition, started broadcasting in HD on January 17, 2016. With the watch NTV option, you can watch NTV, which has received more than 700 awards so far, in HD quality from our site.

NTV Broadcasting Quality in Every Area of ​​Life

On NTV, you can find and watch a program with the concept you want on weekdays, weekends, days, or nights. NTV, whose broadcast stream is always full; includes programs in the branches of news, interviews, current, life, documentaries, and sports in its broadcast stream. With NTV, which broadcasts hourly news, you can listen to the current news from the master journalists of the years. Starting the Day, News Center, Inside the Day, Night Bulletin, Close-up, Evening News, Weekend Evening News, News Center Weekend, Main News, World Bulletin with DW, Science in 2 Minutes and 45 Minutes from both the world and Turkey. You can learn the news from.

With the NTV live watch option, you can access NTV broadcasts on our site and get to know many different professional groups. With current programs such as Working Life and Overtime, you can get to know occupational groups that you have not heard of before and get detailed information about these occupational groups. You can choose NTV's life and documentary generations to have fun, fill time and learn about your interests. You can also get to know the lives outside your own world with programs such as Editorial, Night and Day, Taste of the Taste, Difficult Jobs, NTV Documentary Generation, Right Choice, Weekend, Common Future, Saffet Garajda, Wonder, Güzel Hayat.

In addition to news about the country and the world agenda, you can also access sports news on NTV. Although there are sports programs such as 100% Football, and Football from Europe, you can get information about every branch of sports through the programs on NTV. When there are last-minute developments related to sports or any other field, details about these developments are started to be given as news on NTV.

Watch NTV Broadcasts From Any Device You Want Without Missing Out

Except for the broadcasts that appeal to your interests, NTV is a channel that constantly gives breaking news throughout the day and transmits the details of this news every hour. When you decide to watch NTV in order not to stay away from the agenda during the day, you do not need to wait in front of the television or try to be in the environment where the television is present. On the contrary, thanks to the NTV online watch feature of our site, you can follow NTV broadcasts from any device. You can watch all the programs of NTV 24/7 from your phones, tablets, and computers.

We provide everyone who visits our site with the opportunity to follow high-definition broadcasts, and we ensure that they can follow NTV news with just one click in their cramped times. Regardless of the time and place, you can start watching the programs on NTV's broadcast stream from anywhere, anytime on our site. You can view the broadcast stream of NTV and follow the program within seconds.

Watch Popular News Programs in High Definition

In order for you to enjoy the rich contents of NTV more, we offer you the opportunity to watch high-definition broadcasts without compromising the image quality. With our NTV live HD watch option, you can start watching NTV with high image quality. You can watch all the contents of NTV from any device, regardless of where you are in Turkey.

In addition to high resolution, you can start watching the program you want to watch at the exact time without waiting with a high-speed connection. Just having an internet connection and a smart device is enough for you to watch the live broadcast simultaneously. You can watch NTV content with high ratings without deteriorating broadcast quality and without experiencing problems caused by external factors.

Bring the Uninterrupted NTV Watching Experience to the Internet

You can watch NTV programs on our site uninterruptedly by using your internet connection with the live TV-watching feature. With the NTV watch online option, you can experience the television broadcast program on the internet without freezing or interrupting the broadcast.

NTV's unbiased news programs, awareness-raising documentaries, and entertaining and calming culture and art programs are just a click away. When you open the NTV live broadcast from our site, you can continue to watch NTV regardless of the weather conditions, and the platform you watch television, without experiencing any problems in the broadcast and without spoiling your viewing pleasure. You can watch the program you follow without compromising the image quality and your enjoyment of live viewing, without disturbing your nerves, and without wasting time by dealing with broadcasting.

Experience the Enjoyment of Watching Online Television without the Hassle of a 24/7 Membership

You can follow the programs of NTV live on your smart devices all day long. You do not need to be a member of our site or pay any fees to receive NTV live broadcast service. You can start watching the live broadcast by simply logging into our site and clicking on the NTV logo. You can watch NTV broadcasts online from our site at any time, thanks to your internet connection, without having to search for a place with a television. You can follow the agenda seven days a week, discover new information about your interests, learn the results of sports competitions and find programs where you can have a good time either individually or with your family.

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