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Tele 1 live broadcasts continue to reach every point of Turkey without interruption. Tele 1, brings a new breath to the broadcasting understanding in Turkey and acts with a broadcasting approach that will identify the deficiencies in the current broadcasting and eliminate these deficiencies; In addition to news programs, it has also included many programs that appeal to different interests that you can watch with pleasure. It continues its broadcasting life with its own unique content in every time zone during the day. You can access Tele 1 programs, which you will watch with interest, from our live TV platform only with your internet connection, and you can watch content that has managed to reach large audiences in a short time.

Tele 1 Filling the Deficiency in Professional Broadcasting Field


It is a channel that started broadcasting under the name of Kültürtürk on January 9, 2017. The owner and editor-in-chief of the channel is Merdan Yanardag. After the delay of RTÜK approval, Tele 1 logo and name started to be used on February 4, 2017. It continues its broadcasting life with the slogan of the rising news channels. It is a channel broadcasting on Türksat, Digiturk, and D-Smart.

Looking at the establishment story of Tele 1; The owner of the channel says that the channel is not a socialist, secular, republican, democratic, independent, or qualified opposition channel. He states that Tele 1 started broadcasting in order to close this gap and complete the deficiencies in other opposition channels. Tele 1, set out on this path by adopting a broadcasting approach that attaches importance to ethical values ​​and principles, as well as aiming to be a channel that has not been closed by broadcasting opposition; He says that the daily rate of watching television is 5 hours on average in Turkey. Since this rate is quite high, it draws attention to how important it is for people to get real information from television.

Although Tele 1 staff is professional and experienced staff, they see themselves as a team that progresses with an amateur spirit and devotion. Although it continues to broadcast as a news and culture channel, it wants its programs to be versatile. Therefore, in addition to domestic and foreign political events, it also includes content that its audience can enjoy in the broadcast stream. With the Tele 1 watch option, you can start watching magazines, sports, health, documentaries, and news programs under one roof.

Address of Omnidirectional Broadcasting Tele 1

Tele 1, which stands out as a news channel; has started to add programs with content that appeals to different interests and tastes, which will allow you to spend every hour of the day to the full, to its broadcast stream and has announced that it will continue to do so. In addition to programs related to health and the economy, news and discussion programs are also included in Tele 1’s daily broadcast stream. Day Begins, Backstage, Midday, Tele Economy, 18 Minutes, 4 Questions and 4 Answers, News, and Health Desk programs are broadcast on Tele 1 every weekday. It allows you to see the news about both Turkey and the world agenda and economy during the day.

Events and Causes, Beyond the Horizon, Instant Headline, 5th Dimension, Turkey’s Agenda, Turkey’s Future, and Lens programs are Tele 1’s prime-time programs. Tele 1’s news programs provide news on Turkey’s agenda, last-minute developments, events in the world, and the reflections of these events on Turkey.

Programs you can watch on Tele 1 screens on weekends; Spirit of Time, Forum, Aegean breezes, Working Life, Other Conversations, Ankara Wind, From Darkness to Light, The Other Side of the World, and Rock Station. In addition to the content where you can get information about the subjects you may need such as working life and retirement, there is also content where you can distract your mind and have fun. With the option of watching Tele 1 live broadcasts on weekends, you can make your weekends more enjoyable thanks to culture and art programs.

Watch Tele 1 Broadcasts Anywhere You Are Without Missing It

In order to be able to follow the broadcast flow of Tele 1, which is full both on weekdays and on weekends, you do not need to be in front of the television all the time, and you do not need to postpone the work you need to do at the moment to stay in an environment where there is a television. Wherever you are in the world, you can start watching Tele 1 from your smart devices with our Tele 1 live watch option. Since you can connect to the broadcast in just a few seconds, you will not miss the broadcast. It is possible to watch Tele 1 broadcasts without limitation for 24 hours.

You have the opportunity to watch your favorite content on Tele 1 via phone, tablet, and computer. In this way, wherever you are, when a program you like to watch starts on Tele 1, you can start watching Tele 1 without disturbing your comfort, without having to get up and turn on the television or go to a place where there is television. It is enough to have an internet connection to continue watching Tele 1 content on our platform, where you can log in without effort. If you want, you can check the hours of the programs you want to watch via the Tele 1 broadcast stream that we offer you, or you can start watching the program you regularly follow with the live broadcast, without waiting.

Increase your viewing pleasure with Tele 1 HD Watch Option

You can start watching all the programs of Tele 1 with high image quality via our live TV platform. With our Tele 1 live HD watch alternative, you can continue to follow high-definition broadcasts without freezing or interruption. Since the image quality is not compromised and there are no breakouts in the broadcast, you will not compromise your viewing pleasure. You can instantly access the live contents of Tele 1 and start watching programs that can color your day or open your mind with practical use by moving these contents to your smart devices. You can watch the news not only about Turkey but also about the world in HD with one click.

Free and Uninterrupted Internet Broadcasting

With our Tele 1 watch online option, you can start watching Tele 1’s programs that are watched with interest from your smart devices uninterruptedly and simultaneously with the television broadcast. While you can enjoy live broadcasting on the Internet without interruption, you are not required to pay any fee in return. Regardless of where you are or the device you use, you can access the contents of Tele 1 for free. When a program you like to watch starts on Tele 1, when you log in to our site and click on the Tele 1 logo, you can enjoy watching without wasting much time and without missing the beginning of the program you want to watch. As a live TV platform, we also provide the conditions provided by a television with an interference-free and freeze-free broadcast.

High-Quality Online Tele 1 Broadcast

You can watch Tele 1 from our live TV platform 24/7 without any subscription process. Even if you don’t have a TV, watch Tele 1 online from any device you have with you. You can reach the high-quality broadcast of Tele 1 by choosing the option. With the practical ease of use we offer, you do not waste much time when you log in to our live TV platform, so you do not miss the program you want to watch. You can watch Tele 1, which progresses with an objective broadcasting approach that will appeal to individuals of all ages, free of charge on our site, and you can spend your time in a much more enjoyable way with different content reserved for seven days a week. Although we guarantee that there will be no disruptions in the high-quality broadcast service, our expert teams immediately intervene in case of possible disruptions.