TRT 1 live

TRT1 is one of the best television channels in Turkey, offering the option to watch TRT1 live in HD and proving itself in professional broadcasting life. The channel, which has continued on its way without deviating from the professional broadcasting approach since its establishment, is with you throughout the day with many alternatives from news programs to daily serials. In addition to colorful and entertaining programs for children, it offers all content related to film and sports life to its audience with quality broadcasts. 

Turkey’s Number One Channel TRT1


The channel, which started broadcasting on May 1, 1964, as the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, has continued to broadcast the highest quality since then. Adopting a quality and unbiased broadcast stream, ensures 24/7 to be aware of the agenda. TRT1, one of the most popular television channels in Turkey, has managed to host the most important programs for many years.

The live broadcasting of the Poet Marriage program in 1968 is one of the firsts it brought to life. Again in 1973, the first national match between Turkey and Italy was broadcast live on the channel. In 1974, with the production of Kaynanalar, he brought Turkey’s first television series to the screen.

The channel, which continued on its way as the demands and interest in television increased, took its place among the most watched channels at that time, as it is today. TRT1, which went down in history as the first color broadcasting channel in 1976, continued to develop and renew itself over the years.

By switching to HD broadcasting in 2012, it offered the pleasure of watching television without stuttering or freezing. Offering the alternative of watching in high definition with HD broadcasts, the channel has always kept the attention of the audience alive by making the most watched broadcasts.

TRT1, which started broadcasting the Hearing Impaired News Bulletin in 1982, has succeeded in appealing to all segments of society. The channel, which has succeeded in delivering films of different styles and colorful programs to all provinces with the option to watch TRT1, makes its voice heard by large audiences by broadcasting to different sister channels.

First National Television Broadcasting Started with TRT1

TRT1, which has the title of being the first national television, continues to make a name for itself with popular TV series recently. Leyla and Majnun, one of the most notable works of 2011, has been loved and watched by many people. Today, Turkey’s quiz show, which is on the screen with the presentation of Pelin Çift, is among the programs that teach with love. It provides a good time for the audience by presenting a wide variety of information not only from the agenda of Turkey but also around the world.

TRT1, which allows you to have a very enjoyable time with TV series that appeal to Turkish audiences, brings together popular works such as My Name is Melek, Gönül Mountain, Awakening: Great Seljuk, Novice Mothers, Payitaht: Abdülhamit, Innocent Apartments. It sometimes takes the audience to the most crucial points in history with its broadcasts dealing with different subjects. Thanks to the TRT1 live watch option, it is possible to benefit from a broadcast stream that keeps the audience alive with quizzes, serials, history, and health programs.

TRT1 Live Broadcast Doesn’t Know Time and Space Limits

With our options to follow TRT1 live broadcasts, it is possible to follow the channel wherever you are. It is extremely easy to follow the channel broadcasts at any point where you have an internet connection, without time and place limits. Bringing together the most watched and popular TV series in Turkey with its audience, TRT1 acts with a transparent broadcasting approach and allows you to spend your day more pleasant.

You can catch the opportunity to be informed about the agenda of the country and the world by following the news programs with the TRT live broadcast option that we offer on our website. You can watch quality TV series and programs wherever you are by accessing the TRT live broadcast alternative with one click. The alternative of watching live TV, which is offered without the need for any effort, is completely thought for the comfort of the audience and meeting with the best broadcasts.

You Will Never Be Bored With the TRT1 Live Watch Option

TRT1 broadcasts, one of the most watched channels in Turkey, can be followed online on our website. Thanks to our easy-to-use website, it becomes possible to watch channel broadcasts practically live. You can be aware of TRT1 broadcasts whenever you have your computer. When you don’t have a computer, you can connect to our site via your smartphones, which are always with you, and you can watch it on your tablets if you wish.

Aiming to share the best quality and favorite broadcasts with its viewers since the very beginning, the channel has never compromised on this broadcasting approach. It allows you to watch many different types of broadcasts so that you can always spend your day more beautiful and active. No matter where you are in the world, you will be able to access the highest quality television broadcasts by watching TRT1 live broadcasts on our site.

Completely Free Live Stream Tracking Options

The live broadcast options we offer on your computers, smartphones, and tablets are completely free. Thanks to our channel and website, which has a quality and transparent broadcasting approach, it is possible to follow TRT live broadcasts without paying any fee. Continuing to continue its success with new programs and series, the channel ensures that you never get bored with its self-updating structure.

TRT1 takes its place among the channels that have managed to win hearts with its content that appeals to everyone from seven to seventy. In addition to constantly bringing the audience together with new series, it brings the most favorite old series replays to your homes during the day. You will never be bored during the day thanks to our internet site, which offers the opportunity to easily watch broadcasts that are uninterrupted and have no freezing problems.

TRT Live Broadcast Alternative on Your Smartphones

You can follow the broadcast anytime, anywhere by using our live broadcast viewing options on your smartphone or tablet. You can easily watch TV series and program broadcasts on our website at any time during the day. Our platform, which allows you to carry the live TV alternative with you wherever you go, makes it possible for you to follow your favorite productions.

You can instantly meet with the best quality broadcasts by following the TRT1 broadcasts, which still maintains its feature of being the number one channel in Turkey, online. You will not have to miss your favorite content thanks to the broadcasts that you can watch live from any device with the TRT1 watch online option.

You will have instant access to much content such as movies, TV series, and documentaries specially prepared for you. Thanks to our site, you will not miss anything when you cannot access the television. You can follow your favorite broadcasts by using our TRT1 live watch option at home or outside.

TRT1 manages to appeal to people of all ages

The channel, which has won the admiration of people of all ages with its series and program contents, continues its success with the ratings it receives. Bringing together the most exclusive broadcasts 24/7 with everyone, TRT1 continues to act on the principles of impartial and fluent broadcasting. It is easier than you think to access TRT1 broadcasts, one of the most watched television channels, with our live watch options.

You will be able to follow the broadcast you want live, thanks to the stream it offers from morning to evening, keeping the audience’s interest alive, and thanks to our site. With TRT1 internet watching options, you can easily follow the broadcast even when you are not on the television, and you will never be left behind from sometimes entertaining and sometimes informative streams.

Continuing on its way with the most experienced broadcasters in its field, TRT1 has always managed to be professional, from its teams involved in successful jobs to directors and actors. No matter where you are, you can enjoy your day better by using the option to watch TRT1 online with one click.