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TV8,5 live broadcasts continue to reach every point of our country 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a channel that broadcasts various sports programs and sports events as well as various shows and entertaining programs. The TV8,5 channel, which has a very high place among entertainment and show channels, consists of various shows and sports programs in terms of content. The channel, which continues to broadcast with different and quality content without compromising its professional and quality broadcasting understanding, offers a quality broadcasting service by combining entertainment and sports programs that will appeal to everyone's taste.

The Address of Entertainment Television in Turkey TV8.5

TV8.5, a channel bought and opened by Acun Ilıcalı, also known as the media boss, continues its broadcast life with various sports programs, matches, and various entertainment programs. The entertainment channel, which first started broadcasting on October 7, 2016, started broadcasting at midnight on the specified date. As the first program, the Turkish-Ukrainian football match, which was played the day before, was broadcast again. On March 3, 2017, it started broadcasting in high definition, namely HD. Then, in a short time, it expanded its broadcast range and started to make a name for itself not only with sports but also with programs about shows and the show world.

Although it first started broadcasting with the concept of a sports channel, it expanded its broadcast network and range by making programs that appeal to various tastes in a short time. Acun Ilıcalı has turned into an entertainment channel with the aim of appealing to all segments of the public, after the broadcasting of football, which is the sport that he personally enjoys the most, with the start of the competitions that include clothing competitions and various concepts games.

First, all programs and content were broadcast under the name TV8, and then a different channel called TV8.5, where sports and entertainment programs were broadcast was established. While this channel was only broadcasting sports in its early days, it started to host different types of competitions and programs over time. This has seriously increased the popularity and viewing rates of the channel.

TV8,5, which has made its name among the indispensable channels of show business in a short time, also broadcasts in high definition, namely HD. This is one of the main reasons why it is preferred more by the audience.

Quality TV8.5 Broadcast Streaming Since Day One

 It is a channel that allows people from all walks of life to find a program that will appeal to them, with the opportunity to watch quality TV8.5. When considered as broadcast content, the channel with full content broadcasts 24 hours a day. It is a successful channel that has managed to make a name for itself quite often because it also includes famous faces and has reached a certain popularity and viewing rate.

There are various concepts in the competitions, which are held by following the wishes of the public and the agenda. The most well-known of these competitions is the Survivor competition program, which has been organized and managed by Acun Ilıcalı for years. The program, which proceeds with the concept of a certain number of contestants surviving on a tropical island, has managed to attract the attention of the Turkish public from the very first moment it was broadcast.

In addition to the channel concept competitions, he started to make programs about the world of magazines. Thanks to the programs offered by famous figures, the number of views and rates are quite high. The channel, which has been broadcasting programs such as Play Let's Go, SCT, My Daughter, Pati's Story, Business and Success, Play Let's See, My Daughter, We Eat With Zuhal Topal for a long time, adds another program to its broadcast range every day and offers fun and diverse content. In addition, the mentioned Survivor competition starts at certain times every year and is included in the broadcast stream of the channel after it starts. With this competition, a few more programs belonging to this competition are included in the broadcast stream.

When there is a sports fight, it is broadcast free of charge via TV8.5 and it is aimed that everyone has the advantage of watching this fight. In particular, national matches and tournaments with national teams are broadcast on this channel, either live, repetitively, or as a summary.

Apart from these, repetitions and new episodes of all programs are broadcast on this channel. In addition, movies are broadcasted free of charge and unencrypted through this channel.

TV 8.5 can be watched on Türksat 4A satellite, D-Smart, Tivibu, and Cable TV.

Don't Miss TV8.5 Broadcasts on Mobile Devices

With the development of technology around the world, there is no need for anyone to be on television at that moment to watch any television program or series. Wherever people are, they can easily access and follow live broadcasts from anywhere with a smart mobile device and a proper internet connection. The TV8,5 channel, which contains programs that appeal to the taste of people from all walks of life, is among the channels offered by our site free of charge. Thanks to the TV8.5 live watch option on our site, you have the chance to watch the relevant channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of your location.

Thanks to our site, which offers high speed and high image quality broadcasting service to every visitor, you can watch the program or competition you want or follow through your mobile devices with high image quality without having to be in front of the television. You can watch the program you want instantly through our site, which does not charge any fee or membership.

You can watch the channel whenever you want, with a proper internet connection and a smart mobile device, without falling behind in any of your activities, and you can have a pleasant time without falling behind from the competition or program you follow. Our site is completely free and provides high-quality fast broadcasting service without any charge from you and without the obligation to become a member.

Experience the Most Popular Content Online in High Quality

To benefit from the TV8.5 online watch service, simply click on our site and enter. Under no circumstances do you need to be a member. Thanks to our live TV platform, you can follow the program or the competition that is being broadcast on the TV at that moment, moment by moment. In addition, the broadcast quality provided by our site is extremely high.

After logging into our site, you can easily watch the live broadcast of TV8.5 via the live broadcast option.

Opportunity to Watch Online Television 24 Hours, 7 Days

Continuing to broadcast programs and competitions throughout the day according to the demands of people from all walks of life, the TV8.5 channel also makes innovations and improvements to its content every day.

Thanks to our TV8,5 live broadcasting service, you can watch the program you want in real-time and have a fun time, whenever you want, wherever you want, only with a proper internet connection and a smart mobile device.

High-Quality Uninterrupted Live Streams

One of the worst situations that can happen to people watching live broadcasts on the Internet is the low quality of the broadcast and its constant freezing. Our site makes extremely high-quality broadcasts in order to prevent this situation.

With the TV8,5 live HD watch option, you can follow the program you want by connecting to high-quality live broadcasts in a very short time.

With the TV8,5 watch online option, you can watch the program you want on our site without the need for membership.

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