Watch Astro Ceria TV Malaysia live streaming

Astro Ceria is a Malay language television channel included in Astro's services. All programming on this channel is directed at children, including cartoons in Malay, Chinese, English and Indonesian.

Apart from interesting programs for children, Astro Ceria also organizes various activities to increase its popularity as a children's television channel, such as Run for Fun. Since 31 August 2006 Astro Ceria was first introduced via Channel 64 for SD broadcasts which later changed to Channel 24 until 30 September 2007.

Malaysia's No.1 Kids Channel - A 24 hours channel of quality animation, humor, game shows and live action programming for Malaysian children, all in Bahasa Malaysia. Children's Channel No. 1 In Malaysia - A 24-hour channel that offers quality animation, comedy, game and action programs, especially for children's entertainment in Malaysia.

Next, Astro Ceria switches to Channel 611 for SD and 631 for HD until March 31, 2020. Since April 1, 2020, Astro Ceria continues to broadcast with the same number but changes, Channel 611 for HD and 631 for SD. The SD version has been discontinued since April 12, 2021 along with several other Astro channels. Now Astro Ceria only broadcasts on Astro and NJOI channel 611 in HD format.

Astro Citra Malaysia Live Streaming Online

Astro Citra is a 24-hour movie channel that presents local and international films as well as exclusive telemovies directed by local directors. Astro Citra's broadcast started on June 1, 2009 which is included in the Mustika package. This channel replaces Astro Kirana (channel 122) (SD) which ended its broadcast on 18 May 2009 due to low viewership.

Starting April 2020, Astro Citra airs on channel 108 in HD format on the NJOI and Astro platforms from previously on channel 126. The SD version of the channel has been discontinued since April 12, 2021.

Among the film slots available on Astro Citra are Citra Exclusive, Citra Originals, Citra Vaganza, Malay Film Night and Seram Saturday. There is also the drama series Once Upon a Time, Miss Gunung Ledang, What's My Sin, and 3 Queens aired on Astro Citra.

Astro Awani Malaysia Live Streaming

Astro Awani is the largest television news channel in Malaysia operated by Astro. Astro premiered on 6 September 2007 on channel 501 (previously channel 95 and channel 123). Since March 1, 2009, Astro Awani has replaced Astro News which has ended its broadcast period and carries the slogan of the Number One 24-Hour News Channel in Malaysia.

Programs broadcast on Astro Awani include breaking news, the latest news, documentaries, lifestyle, interviews, and local and international magazines. From March 29, 2021, Astro Awani broadcasts will be upgraded to HD, while the SD channel will only air on the NJOI platform until December 31, 2021, on channel 531. The HD channel can be enjoyed on the NJOI platform on channel 501.

The news broadcast on Astro Awani is Awani 7:45, Awani Bulletin, Notepad with Ibrahim Sani, as well as AWANI Ringkas AWANI Byte. There is also other news such as Awani Jr, Cerita, AWANI Pagi, Agenda Awani, Niaga AWANI, Consider This and AWANI Borneo.

Astro Warna Live TV Streaming

Astro Warna Live TV Streaming Astro Warna is the first comedy channel in Malaysia that started airing on 1 June 2009. This 24-hour channel presents comedy shows, light dramas, sitcoms, and entertainment suitable for all ages.

From 1 April 2020, Astro Warna is broadcast on channel 107 from the previous channel which is 124 which was replaced by NTV7 and can be enjoyed from Astro and NJOI in HD format. The SD version of the channel was discontinued on April 12, 2021.

Sitcom-type soap operas that air on Astro Warna include Impak Minima, Jongkang Jongkit, Tiga Serumah, Sepahtu: Angan Tak Sudah, Kampung Jaguh, and Sepahtu Reunion. Astro Warna also broadcasts popular entertainment and reality TV such as Muzikal Lawak Superstar, Maharaja Lawak, Maharaja Lawak Mega, and Raja Lawak.

Astro Arena TV Live Streaming

Astro Arena is the first Malay language sports channel broadcasting 24 hours a day. This channel is a local and overseas sports channel broadcast via Astro under the Astro Family Package since March 26, 2010.

Viewers can follow Astro Arena broadcasts via channel 801 starting April 12, 2021, for HD, after previously channel 801 for SD and 802 for HD. The SD channel will continue to broadcast on the NJOI platform via channel 831 until December 31, 2021, and end on January 1, 2022. The Astro Arena HD channel will also broadcast on the NJOI platform via channel 801.

The Astro Arena channel covered the Kuala Lumpur Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) live from 19 to 30 August 2017. Therefore, Astro Arena became the first channel in Indonesia to cover this sporting event.

Among the sports broadcasts broadcast on Astro Arena are Like Cafe, Racket, Nadi Arena, Bola@Mamak, and Extra Time. Apart from that, Astro Arena also broadcasts Malaysia's first sports drama, Kita Regu, as well as the Malaysia Premier League and Malaysia Super League.

Astro Ria Malaysia live streming online

Astro Ria is a Malaysian-language television channel that broadcasts for 24 hours exclusively for satellite television provider Astro. This channel is one of the first 22 channels launched on Astro in 1996. Various programs offered by Astro Ria include news, movies, local and Indonesian dramas, reality shows, talk shows, sports, cartoons, concerts, documentaries, cooking, and quizzes.

After the 3-digit channel was introduced by Astro, channel changes started on October 1, 2007. The channel was under the Astro Family package together with Astro Prima, Astro Oasis, and Astro Aruna.

One of the popular shows on Astro Ria is the reality show Akademi Fantasia which was based on the TV series La Academia from Mexico in 2003. In this show in the form of a singing contest, 12 singers compete for one selected winner.

In addition, Astro Ria also presents various annual events such as the Era Awards, the Malaysian Film Festival, the Space Series Awards, and also broadcasts the UMNO General Assembly live from the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC).

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