Watch Comedy Central Live stream

Comedy Central is a television channel owned by US Media Group Viacom. As the name suggests, it airs comedy series and comedy programs. It is a channel broadcasting mainly for middle-aged and adult audiences. It broadcasts comedy movies, stand-up shows, series, and TV shows to make you laugh. The legendary South Park cartoon, released in 1997, is also featured on Comedy Central. Comedy Central has been broadcasting live in Germany since 2007. We advise everyone who laughs or even needs to laugh to watch this channel.

Comedy Central also works with Nickelodeon. While anime and sitcom series are broadcast during the day, international comedy series and films find their place in the broadcast stream in the evening.

If you have an internet connection and a device connected to the internet, you can watch all German, Austrian, and Swiss channels live and for free. Simply connect to using a smart TV, desktop computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device with a browser. It is not necessary to provide personal data, email address, telephone or registration. You can watch all these channels live and without freezing anywhere in the world. You only need an internet connection. Depending on the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection, you can choose between HD and SD resolutions. Now add to bookmarks and favorite sites after which you can enjoy live TV!

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Comedy Central Live Free.

Super RTL Live Stream

Super RTL is a television channel of RTL Disney Fernsehen GmbH & Co KG, which mainly broadcasts for children and young people. It has been broadcast since 1995. It has long been the most-watched television channel for children between the ages of 3 and 13. Family audience programs begin at 8:15 p.m. Family comedies such as "Actress Nanny", feature films, cartoons, and comedy shows are broadcast. The "Colombo" series and the American series "Chorus in the evening air" also air on Mondays. The channel has an agreement with Disney. Many children's TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, popular classics, reality shows, and action films from home and abroad find their way onto Super RTL screens. Even if you are not a child or teenager,

With you can follow more than 40 channels in Germany live. You can connect to the website with smart TV and desktop PC. If you are not at home, a laptop, iPhone or Android phone, iPad or Android tablet, or mobile device will help you. If you have an internet connection, you can watch Super RTL Live Stream anytime anywhere.

You can watch it in HD or SD quality depending on your internet connection speed and bandwidth. It's totally free. You will not be asked to enter your personal information and you will not have to register. Super RTL is free.

Super RTL Live Stream is free.

You can watch Super RTL any time of the day on

You don't have to register or pay any money.

Disney Channel Live Stream

The Disney Channel broadcast in Germany is a spin-off of the US show. It has been airing since October 16, 1999. It broadcasts from morning to 8 p.m. for children, teenagers, and young adults. After this time women's and family programs are usually broadcast. The reason for the broadcast in Germany is to make Disney better known in Germany. No matter your age, you can find a program that interests you on Watch Disney Channel Live.

The Disney Channel Live Stream broadcasts both current Disney-created shows and old classic shows. These classic releases include programs like The Muppet Show, Aristocats, and Cinderella. Pixar Production programs also air on the channel.

The website you should visit to watch Disney Channel is On this page, you can watch more than 40 German channels for free. You will not be asked to register or provide any personal information. You only need an internet connection. You can choose between HD and SD resolution options depending on the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection. You can watch the channel you want live via smart TV, desktop computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. You don't have to be in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland to watch live streams. You can watch all live broadcasts anywhere in the world. It's totally safe.

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Disney Channel Live Stream Free.

SIXX Live Stream

SIXX has been a free-to-air television station in Germany since 2010. It broadcasts mostly for women and is a channel labeled as an entertainment channel. It broadcasts many American TV series. In response to men's DMAX airing, SIXX is rumored to have started airing women. The planned first name is Fem-TV.

Let's take a look at the programs and TV series aired on SIXX.

The shows "Hand aufs Herz", "Ugly Betty", "Nip / Tuck", "Damages", "Die Tudors", "Medium", " Eine wie kein" have previously aired on SIXX Watch Live. Various programs are broadcast now.

The series "Anna and Love" is a romantic drama series. It is one of the most popular television series in Germany. The drama "Betty in New York" is about a freshly graduated girl trying to make a living in the fashion city of New York.

The "Enie van de Meiklokjes" program prepares delicious recipes, especially cakes and sweet snacks, and sometimes warm starters and main meals. You can also make these dishes at home by checking out this program.

"Verliebt in Berlin" and "Danni Lowinski" are German TV series.

"The Perfect Wedding", "4 Blondes" and "Sex and the City" are TV series for women.

Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and The Vampire Diaries are US television series that air on the channel.

"The Oprah Winfrey Show" is the program in which the US talk show is broadcast with German subtitles.

SIXX Live Stream by accessing the site you can watch sixx free stream and live streams from more than 40 other channels. When they are at home, you can watch it on your smart TV and desktop computer. But you don't have to be at home to watch SIXX live for free. Wherever you have an internet connection, you can watch SIXX at any time.

Personal laptops, Android or iPhone phones, Android or iPad tablets. All mobile devices are suitable for watching SIXX for free. You can choose between HD and SD quality depending on your connection speed and bandwidth. Releases are in high resolution. You don't have to pay or register.

You can watch 24 hours SIXX for free on

It can be viewed on all mobile devices.

Watch Deutsche Welle live stream

Deutsche Welle is a state-owned German international broadcaster funded from the federal tax budget. It can be written as DW for short. It serves in 30 different languages. TV shows are available in German, English, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, and Urdu. The head office is in Bonn, but most television programs are broadcast from the Berlin studio. More than 3,000 employees from 60 different countries work for DW. Peter Limbourg is the editor-in-chief of Deutsche Welle.

DW Akademie is Deutsche Welle's international center for media development, media consulting and journalistic training. Provides training and consulting services to partners worldwide. It works with broadcasters, media organizations, and universities, particularly in developing and transition countries, to promote free and independent media. The work is mainly financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Other sponsors are the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the European Union.

Deutsche Welle Watch Live

To watch Deutsche Welle and more than 40 German, Austrian and Swiss TV channels live, all you have to do is visit Thanks to this site you can watch all live broadcasts for free. No need to register and share your personal information, they are completely reliable. Anywhere in the world, you only need an internet connection to watch live streams. With fixed devices such as smart TVs, and desktop computers; Compatible with laptops, iPhone and Android phones, iPad and Android tablets, and any mobile device that can use a browser. You can choose between HD and SD resolutions depending on the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection and watch without freezing. If you bookmark,

Watch Deutsche Welle live and for free.

Clock with iPhone, iPad, and Android.

You do not have to register.

Deutsche Welle Live Free.

WDR live stream

Watch WDR Live

WDR stands for West German Broadcasting Cologne. It is a German public broadcaster headquartered in Cologne. In addition to a regional television channel, there are six regional radio stations. It has been headed by Tom Buhrow since July 1, 2013. There are various programs for cities such as Düsseldorf, Bergisches Land, Ruhr area, Dortmund, Münsterland, OWL, South Westphalia, Bonn, Cologne, Aachen, Duisburag.

WDR streaming

Stuttgart zoo stories are on the "Planet Knowledge" program.

"Panda, Gorilla & Co." and "Zoobabies" programs feature animal stories at the Berlin Zoo.

WDR live streaming

The news broadcast begins at 8:00 p.m. As the hours progress, newly released popular movies will be released. You can watch WDR for free at You can watch TV at home with your smart TV and desktop computer. If you have an internet connection, even if you are away from home, you will not miss any live streams. More than 40 channels are broadcast live on the website together with WDR.

With your laptop, iPad or Android tablet computer, iPhone or Android mobile phone and other mobile devices, you can watch German channels anytime and anywhere. You do not have to pay any fees, register or pass on your personal data. It's completely free and risk-free. Don't worry anymore about missing the TV series, programs, reality shows and sporting events you want to watch!

WDR Live Free

WDR free live stream.

More than 40 German channels are broadcast live on

It can be monitored from mobile devices and computers.

It's free, doesn't require registration.

You can watch the WDR channel in HD or SD resolution.

BR Live Stream

BR stands for Bavarian Broadcasting. The head office is in Munich, the Bavarian capital. It broadcasts both radio and television. When it was founded in Munich in 1922, its first name was German hour. It also has studios in Regensburg, Nuremberg, and Würzburg.

BR broadcasts many television series and programs that are primarily seen in the Bavaria region but have a large audience throughout Germany. "Melodien der Berge", "Café Perjury", "Art and stuff", "Alpha-Centauri", "Quer", "Rundschau", "Münchner Runde", "Space Night", "Art and stuff" "," Unter our sky "," To freedom "are some of the series and programs that are broadcast on BR.

There are three major music organizations administered by BR. The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra is a symphony orchestra founded in 1949. The Munich Radio Orchestra was founded in the 1920s. The Bavarian Radio Choir is also a radio choir founded in 1946.

You can watch live BR channel and more than 40 German channels by subscribing to You can watch all German channels 24/7 for free on your smart TV, desktop and laptop computer, Android or iPhone phone, Android or iPad tablet computer, and other compatible mobile devices. You don't have to pay any fees, you don't have to register, and you don't have to share your personal information. It can be seen from anywhere in the world. It's completely risk-free. An internet connection is sufficient. You can choose between HD and SD resolutions depending on your bandwidth and internet speed.

Visit or bookmark to watch BR channel and other channels.

Watch for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

BR Live Stream Free.

Watch NDR live stream

NDR is the abbreviation for North German Broadcasting. It broadcasts television programs specially prepared for the region where the audience lives. There are not only TV shows but also radio shows. Thus, a comprehensive broadcast stream is presented. Interesting programs are broadcast for all age groups. One day you should definitely watch NDR to find something for yourself.

"The country outing", "THE!" And "Großstadtrevier" is the most-watched program broadcast on NDR.

"Nordmagazin", "Hamburg Journal", "Schleswig-Holstein Magazine", "Hallo Niedersachsen" are various news programs published on NDR.

"Tim Mälzer is cooking!", "Landpartie - Going North" and "Lust auf Norden" are also programs popular with the public.

You can watch hundreds of such TV programs on anywhere in the world. You won't miss any shows from now on.

You can watch NDR channels and more than 40 German channels anywhere you have an internet connection. You can watch NDR with desktop and laptop computers, Smart TV, iPhone and Android phones, iPad and Android tablets, and any other mobile device. In addition, it is free. You don't have to pay any money, register, or share your personal information. Add to your bookmarks now. Don't miss your favorite show on any channel.

Watch NDR live for free.

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Watch N24 Live stream

Watch N24 Live

N24 is a news channel from Axel Springer Verlag. He has been broadcasting television since the beginning of 2000. On this channel, you can see important news from Germany, Europe, and other countries of the world. While the channel's name was N24, it was later changed to "World". Although the channel's name has changed, the programs it airs are largely the same. News, talk shows, and documentaries will continue to air. N24 with the new name Welt TV offers a program that can catch everyone's attention.

N24 Free

N24 Live Free broadcasts sports news and programs, automotive programs, stock markets, finance and investment programs, trade programs, news, politics and political programs, and technology programs. These programs include "N24 Transport World", "N24 Documentation", "N24 Ethic", "Studio Friedman", and "N24 Motor-Motion".

N24 streaming

You can watch N24 in HD quality on It can be watched anywhere and any time of the day with smart TV, desktop computer, laptop, tablet computer, iPad, iPhone, and Android phones. Not only N24 but also more than 40 German channels can be watched on this site. There is no need to register, pay fees or share personal information. The N24 live stream can be watched at with an internet connection. It doesn't have to be in Germany, it can be viewed in any country in the world.

World Live Stream Free

Watch N24 World TV channel live on

Watch N24 on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

You don't need to register or pay to watch N24 World.

Your personal details are safe.

Servus TV live stream

ServusTV is a television station based in Wals-Siezenheim in the Austrian state of Salzburg. Its name derives from a greeting common in many parts of Central and Eastern Europe.

The station started in 1995 as Salzburger Fernsehen and was initially only available via cable in Salzburg. The television channel attracted media attention when it began terrestrial broadcasts on October 25, 2000, which was illegal in Austria at the time. The transmission equipment at the Untersberg transmitter (owned by Germany but physically in Austria) was confiscated by the Austrian authorities after five days. In protest, the owner of Salzburg television went on a hunger strike for two weeks. In response, terrestrial transmission by private television stations was legalized in Austria, and transmission from the old transmission location resumed on UHF channel 36 in 2002.

Servus TV program

ServusTV broadcasts ice hockey on Sunday evenings.

Austrian Hockey League in Austria and the German Ice Hockey League in Germany.

It also broadcasts the FIM MotoGP World Championship.

UEFA Champions League.

Formula 1 in 2022.

World Rally Championship.

Red Bull Air Race and Red Bull X Fighters.

Servus TV live stream broadcasts ATP Cup Live 2022.

Watch SAT1 Gold Live Stream

Sat.1 Gold is a German free television station. ProSiebenSat.1 is Media's sixth channel in Germany. On November 20, 2012, Sat.1 Gold received a broadcasting license from the Commission for Licensing and Supervision of Media Authorities (ZAK). The channel is regulated by the Thuringian State Media Authority (TLM). In the state of Thuringia. The channel aired on January 17, 2013, at 20:13 CET with a 2-minute countdown, followed by a promotion and a puppet show. The station then broadcast the German film The Whore.

The station mainly broadcasts German television productions from the archives of ProSiebenSat.1. Sat.1 Gold Magazine Show Akte - Reporter broadcasts a page of the fight for you and South German TV topic. There are also plans to publish a daily lunchtime magazine. Evening programs consist of documentaries, films, thrillers, and TV series.

The channel also shows ATP, WTA, and ITF tennis tournaments. A spin-off of the German sports shows that ran tennis aired in April 2013.

Watch the SAT1 Gold channel live and for free.

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Watch SAT1 Gold on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

sat 1 Live Free.

Watch ORF2 live stream

Watch ORF2 live stream ORF2 is the Austrian public television station of the ORF Group. Its former name is FS2. It has been broadcast since 1961. Its name was changed in 1992. In 2012, several changes were made to the station's logo and design. The choice of the colors red and white creates a strong Austrian impression. Instead of publishing sports programs, series, and films like ORF 1, they wanted to broadcast Austrian-oriented cultural programs. If you want to see cultural programs, you should definitely watch ORF2. You will surely find a program that interests you.

ORF2 stream

The "Federal State Today", the news program for the federal states, is broadcast in the evening at 7:00 p.m. The broadcast stream includes news programs, travel programs, and documentaries. ORF2 and ORF1 are generally broadcast in very different categories.

ORF2 live streaming

To watch ORF2 Free all you need is an internet connection. Anywhere in the world thanks to you can watch live TV on Smart TV, desktop and laptop computers, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and any mobile devices that support browsers. In addition, it is free. You also don't have to register and share your personal information. Live broadcasts from more than 40 German, Austrian and Swiss broadcasters are available on this website. You can choose between HD or SD quality options depending on the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection. Don't forget to bookmark

ORF2 Live Free

Watch with ORF2 iPad, iPhone, and Android.

You can watch ORF2 from anywhere around the clock.

You don't have to pay to watch ORF2.

ORF2 Live Stream Free.

Watch ORF 1 Live Stream

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF is one of the most-watched TV stations in the whole country in Germany and Austria. The station started its broadcasting life in 1992 under the name FS1 and continues its broadcasts since 2011 under the name ORF 1. The most important publications of the ORF1 channel include sports programs, entertainment programs, dance competitions, newsletters, cultural programs, and talk shows. Sports lovers and fans in particular will find interesting programs on the ORF1 channel. Last-minute information and results of most sports competitions are published every minute. In addition, there are special programs for children on the ORF1 broadcast list. Alexander Wrabetz is editor-in-chief of the ORF 1 channel, which Germans follow with great admiration.

Vienna crime scene

SOKO Danube

SOKO Kitzbuehel

Inspector Rex

Okidoki (kids program)

These series are recorded with the ORF broadcasting group and broadcast on ORF1. In addition to these series, highly rated American TV series such as "The Mentalist", "The Big Bang Theory", "House Of Cards" and "Grey's Anatomy" is also broadcast on ORF1.

According to the ORF2 channel, the ORF1 channel is clearly planning young people as a target group. Because of this, children's programs, TV series, and films are broadcast, followed by young people. The ORF has exclusive broadcasting rights in Austria for broadcasting many sports programs. The broadcasting rights of Formula 1 races, which are followed by millions of people every year, are held by ORF from time to time. Most sports broadcasts for the visually impaired are published on two channels.

You should visit to watch live TV channels like ORF1 and ORF2 and more than 40 German, Austrian and Swiss TV channels. This site is completely free. You will not be asked to register, and you will not be asked for your personal information. It's totally safe. You can access with fixed devices such as smart TV, and desktop computer as well as a laptop, iPad, iPhone,s and Android mobile devices. An internet connection is sufficient. You can choose between HD and SD resolution options. This is related to your internet speed and bandwidth.

Watch the ORF1 channel live and for free.

You can bookmark

Watch ORF 1 on iPhone, iPad and Android.

ORF1 Live Free.

The 2022 formula 1 program

Bahrain Grand Prix - 20/03/2022

Australian GP - 10/04/2022

USA-Miami Grand Prix - 08/05/2022

Monaco Grand Prix - 29/05/2022

Canada Grand Prix - 19/06/2022

Great Britain Grand Prix - 03/07/2022

Austria Grand Prix - 07/10/2022

French Grand Prix - 24/07/2022

Hungary Grand Prix - 31/07/2022

Belgium Grand Prix - 28/08/2022

Netherlands Grand Prix - 04/09/2022

Italy Grand Prix - 11/09/2022

Singapore Grand Prix - 02/10/2022

Japan Grand Prix - 09/10/2022

USA Grand Prix - 23/10/2022

Mexico Grand Prix - 30/10/2022

Brazil Grand Prix - 13/11/2022

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - 20/11/2022

Watch Tele 5 Live Stream

The Tele 5 live channel, which people living in Germany follow with admiration, began its broadcasting life on April 28, 2002. With the SmackDown wrestling programming airing at the time of its inception, the channel offered 300,000 viewers an instant show. One of the channel's own productions, "Ruck Zuck", was one of the most important factors in the channel's success.

Watch Tele 5 Live Stream for free without registering with your browser.

When this program was broadcast, the productions of "Hopp oder Top" and "Bim Bam Bino" were also broadcast on Tele 5. Subsequently, the channel acquired the licenses for Formula One games and began broadcasting repeat episodes and live transmissions. It continued to air shows such as "Medabots", "The Bush Babies", "Toongate", "Gundam Wing" and "Crush Gear Turbo" in the anime cartoon section.

The Tele 5 live stream was broadcast in Austria on May 1, 2012. It will be broadcast simultaneously with the content broadcast on the Tele 5 Germany platform. The only difference is that the ads shown in Germany and Austria are different. The channel, which continued with SD broadcasts until 2013, switched to Tele 5 Austria HD in July 2013. It has the same satellite frequency as Tele 5 Austria HD and Deutschland Tele 5 HD.

You can watch Tele 5 and thus more than 40 German TV channels live on Compatible with smart TV, desktop computer, laptop, Android, iPad and iPhone devices. It's free and requires no registration. If you have an internet connection, it doesn't matter where you are.

Watch Tele 5 live stream.Watch with Laptop, Android, iPhone and iPad.


Tele 5 Live Stream Free.

RTL Nitro live stream

RTL Nitro live stream, RTL Nitro has been broadcasting since 2012. This channel has the nickname "Television for Heroes". It is a television channel of the RTL Group. It broadcasts mainly for young men. The USA broadcasts science fiction, action, crime and similar films and USA TV series.

RTL Nitro Stream, programs

Breaking Bad.

Infernal Neighbors (repeat).

Trovatos (repeat).

Ice Road Truckers.

Alarm for Cobra 11.

Alcatraz (German).

modern family.

Dramedy Nurse Jackie (German).

Battlestar Galactica.

Top Gear.

The office (no longer running).

RTL Nitro broadcasts reruns of some of the series broadcast on RTL. Thus, those who cannot watch the series at its original time and those who missed it can watch it later. Sitcoms like Modern Family and The Office are also dubbed into German. RTL Nitro is really a channel worth watching.

RTL Nitro Live Stream

You should visit not to miss any of the programs and TV shows. You can watch RTL Nitro stream for free and +40 other German channels live on smart TV and desktop PC, iPhone or Android mobile phone, iPad or Android tablet, laptop for short, on all mobile devices. You can adjust the quality and resolution according to your internet speed and bandwidth, and watch in HD or SD quality. No need to pay and register while watching RTL Nitro for free. You do not have to provide your personal information.

RTL Nitro Live Free

RTL Nitro is a live free TV channel where you can watch football matches and highlights. You can watch RTL Nitro channel on website without registering. Enjoy watching your favorite series live in HD quality.

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