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The Tele 5 live channel, which people living in Germany follow with admiration, began its broadcasting life on April 28, 2002. With the SmackDown wrestling programming airing at the time of its inception, the channel offered 300,000 viewers an instant show. One of the channel’s own productions, “Ruck Zuck”, was one of the most important factors in the channel’s success.


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When this program was broadcast, the productions of “Hopp oder Top” and “Bim Bam Bino” were also broadcast on Tele 5. Subsequently, the channel acquired the licenses for Formula One games and began broadcasting repeat episodes and live transmissions. It continued to air shows such as “Medabots”, “The Bush Babies”, “Toongate”, “Gundam Wing” and “Crush Gear Turbo” in the anime cartoon section.

The Tele 5 live stream was broadcast in Austria on May 1, 2012. It will be broadcast simultaneously with the content broadcast on the Tele 5 Germany platform. The only difference is that the ads shown in Germany and Austria are different. The channel, which continued with SD broadcasts until 2013, switched to Tele 5 Austria HD in July 2013. It has the same satellite frequency as Tele 5 Austria HD and Deutschland Tele 5 HD.

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