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The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF is one of the most-watched TV stations in the whole country in Germany and Austria. The station started its broadcasting life in 1992 under the name FS1 and continues its broadcasts since 2011 under the name ORF 1. The most important publications of the ORF1 channel include sports programs, entertainment programs, dance competitions, newsletters, cultural programs, and talk shows. Sports lovers and fans in particular will find interesting programs on the ORF1 channel. Last-minute information and results of most sports competitions are published every minute. In addition, there are special programs for children on the ORF1 broadcast list. Alexander Wrabetz is editor-in-chief of the ORF 1 channel, which Germans follow with great admiration.


Vienna crime scene

SOKO Danube

SOKO Kitzbuehel

Inspector Rex

Okidoki (kids program)

These series are recorded with the ORF broadcasting group and broadcast on ORF1. In addition to these series, highly rated American TV series such as “The Mentalist”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “House Of Cards” and “Grey’s Anatomy” is also broadcast on ORF1.

According to the ORF2 channel, the ORF1 channel is clearly planning young people as a target group. Because of this, children’s programs, TV series, and films are broadcast, followed by young people. The ORF has exclusive broadcasting rights in Austria for broadcasting many sports programs. The broadcasting rights of Formula 1 races, which are followed by millions of people every year, are held by ORF from time to time. Most sports broadcasts for the visually impaired are published on two channels.

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The 2022 formula 1 program

Bahrain Grand Prix – 20/03/2022

Australian GP – 10/04/2022

USA-Miami Grand Prix – 08/05/2022

Monaco Grand Prix – 29/05/2022

Canada Grand Prix – 19/06/2022

Great Britain Grand Prix – 03/07/2022

Austria Grand Prix – 07/10/2022

French Grand Prix – 24/07/2022

Hungary Grand Prix – 31/07/2022

Belgium Grand Prix – 28/08/2022

Netherlands Grand Prix – 04/09/2022

Italy Grand Prix – 11/09/2022

Singapore Grand Prix – 02/10/2022

Japan Grand Prix – 09/10/2022

USA Grand Prix – 23/10/2022

Mexico Grand Prix – 30/10/2022

Brazil Grand Prix – 13/11/2022

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – 20/11/2022