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ATV Live Broadcast It is a national television channel in Turkey. ATV, which started its test broadcast on September 9, 1992, started with a normal broadcast on July 12, 1993. The channel broadcasts all over Turkey in the Beşiktaş region of Istanbul.

ATV, one of Turkey's first private television channels, has been broadcasting in HD since April 24, 2011. Saying hello to broadcasting life for the first time on September 9, 1992, live TV ATV, although it first performed a test broadcast, now offers unique television enjoyment to all of Turkey over normal broadcasting in HD quality. There are many popular TV series in ATV, which pioneered many TV series, movies, and programs with its Turkish broadcasts that experienced the firsts and made you feel the television watching by adopting a quality broadcasting approach.

The content programs you can access by watching ATV; cover a wide range of TV series, movies, competition programs, sports, news, and magazines. It is known for offering live broadcasting opportunities to its mobile viewers, along with the ATV mobile viewing option, which is also broadcast over the internet from all over the world. Thanks to its cable TV, Turkcell TV+, and mobile applications, it has increased its reach by taking its place in every field. Thanks to the high-quality application suitable for smartphones on the ATV website, it can be easily watched on all smartphones. Orhan Cemal Kalyoncu is the channel owner, and ATV is owned by Turkuvaz Media Group as a company.

Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert, who are in the live broadcast, are in Esra Erol, Nihat Hatipoğlu Answers Your Questions, Towards a Friend with Nihat Hatipoğlu, Quran and Sunnah with Nihat Hatipoğlu, ATV Main News, ATV Mid-Day, Weekend ATV Main News, ATV Impressive, religious and informative broadcasts and programs await the viewers with its various programs such as Weekend in the Weekend and Breakfast News. Uninterrupted ATV offers its broadcasts to 81 provinces of Turkey and maintains its understanding of quality until the end. At the same time, it continues to provide quality service to its viewers with various content on its website without speed. You can access the non-freezing live broadcast on the website, as well as detailed information about the broadcast stream and upcoming programs. In addition, the agenda and news from the world are presented with their own news programs on weekdays and weekends. You can access all the issues that take place in Turkey and in the world.

It started as Satel (Sabah Television) on September 9, 1992, and continued with this name until 1993, and on July 12, 1993, it was given the name ATV and continues its broadcasting life with its current name. Continuing without slowing down in the media world, ATV channel has been continuing its quality broadcast life for 27 years without pausing. Watch ATV, which has 8 siblings (ATV Europe, a2, news, money, news, minika go, minika child, a sports) television channels in total. While reaching you online in your car, workplace, home, or public transport, it also shows the importance it gives to the audience with its excellent television programming and series that result in great success. This private TV channel, which is among the televisions you will choose to have a pleasant broadcast, quality series, and the best programs continue its stable life for years.

You can follow the ATV channel, which hosts programs such as ATV Live, Müge Anlı, and Tatlı Sert, and record-breaking TV series such as Establishment Osman, on our TV viewing platform as you wish.

Turkuaz Media Group owns TV channels in the news area, especially the ATV channel, and in many other areas. The group also has Fotomaç, Sabah, Takim, and many more newspapers in its group.

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