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TRT EBA Lise Live Broadcast

The joint work of TRT EBA Lise Ministry of National Education and the radio and television institution, or TRT Television channel with its other name, has been realized. With TRT EBA Lise TV, which is a distance education system channel for high schools, students will be able to compete and learn the lessons and curriculum of the school term from here. All lectures and lesson programs broadcast on TRT EBA Lise TV are in accordance with the department and curriculum in the form of a high school 2 high school 3 and high school 4.

TRT EBA, which broadcasts video narrations of successful teachers, that the Ministry of National Education has chosen you especially, started its broadcasting life on high school TV very recently. However, the course durations of the channel are slightly different from the curriculum of the formal education system. While the duration of the lesson in schools is 40 minutes, TRT Eba broadcasts in the high school broadcast stream as 20 minutes and 10 minutes between each lesson.

TRT EBA Lise Curriculum

TRT EBA High school curricula and broadcasting hours are divided according to class type. In this context, you will be able to access high school course publications at TRT EBA Lise, which will broadcast different courses every day, covers all courses such as history, chemistry, Turkish language and literature, mathematics, Arabic, physics, chemistry, geography, history, and English.

They will be able to watch the video narrations of 3 different lessons every day as a live broadcast, five days a week, with the TRT EBA Lise TV watch option. TRT EBA TV, Turkey's first education system channel, will broadcast in two different ways, HD and SD.

TRT EBA Frequency Information

You can also find out the frequency information of the EBA LİSE TV channel, which you can watch on the website of TRT TV channel, with TRT EBA Lise TV live broadcast watch year. The bloody frequency information presented to the audience with HD and SD broadcasts also differs according to the broadcast type. You can choose our website to get more detailed information on the subject or to download the TRT EBA LİSE TV channel for free.

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